Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Five:

Case File No. 28-236

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AMBER LOVE 22-NOV-2021 Find out how all this began. Catch up on Year One, Year Two, Year Three, and Year Four cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency.

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Where We Left Off:

The Winchester-Nabu detectives had to dive into some forensic and artistic mathematics to determine if the bird seed (almost) thief was the same perp as the previous one.

House of M:

Throughout the summer and early fall, Gus and I have gotten many opportunities to observe the chipmunk community. We’ve kept tabs on the members of the Chipmunk Mafia, notably Chipcent Donofrio, Munka Kelly, Cheeks Moretti, and the newcomer Benny Squints. Now that Cheeks has retired, we don’t see him regularly.

From a distance, I would watch Chipcent and Munka chasing each other. It was like watching a cartoon. When it comes to this kind of behavior, I can’t tell if it’s playful, territorial, or mating time. As it turned out, it seems that some of that was mating.


Gus and I noticed a difference in two chipmunks who were coming to the big rock for peanuts. They were smaller and often together in the bushes. Usually, only one would come up to the rock at a time, but not always which was how we were certain there were two. Then I saw one of the grownups with what I thought were full teets, but I suppose I could have been seeing engorged testicles. When they’re ready for mating those testes get huge like in squirrels.

Two more critters means I get to name more things! I call these twins Wanda and Pietro Maximunk, the X-munks. As they’ve grown, they haven’t spent as much time together in public. Their parents weren’t around in the open either. Munka would often be around the various lawn mowers and dart under the corner of the workshop that’s a safe house Gus can’t reach. He has no qualms about chasing her around over there.

I was worried about Chipcent because the last time we saw him, he looked bad. He looked like he had been in a terrible brawl. Fortunately, I think one of the munks we watched this week was Chipcent looking healthy and fine.

The X-munk twins may not be as powerful as their namesakes considering their different parentage, but we have a feeling those abilities aren’t too far off. Pietro has already exhibited super speed.

As a side note, Gus, Oliver, and I had a lovely interaction with Pipi Lansbury in Oliver’s patio. We had only seen blurred glimpses of her as she ran under bushes. She’s avoided being close to us this year until this particular Monday afternoon. I’ve continued to put peanuts out by the entrance to the Underworld that she uses hoping she gets to store some before the blue jays get them.

Case Findings:

New twins were born to Chipcent Donofrio and Munka Kelly. They are named Wanda and Pietro Maximunk and so far, they are exhibiting signs of unusual abilities. Pietro is fast! They’ve stayed out of trouble for now and we haven’t had any reason to detain them for questioning.

Case Status: Closed

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