DEC, 2010 – There’s a whole new chapter for Gotham City as Bruce Wayne “returns from the dead” or whatever they’re calling it. At this point, Gotham now has Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne donning two different bat-suits. Issue #871 of DETECTIVE COMICS and Issue #0 of BATWOMAN are part of the beginning of a new time where not just Gotham, but the entire world, will have a larger Bat presence.

If you don’t want to watch the video for Detective #871 then you can read my thoughts at Dynamic Forces!

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1 Comment on Reviews: DETECTIVE COMICS, BATWOMAN, F4

  1. Those two books were some good Bat Family. It’s really a great time to be a Batman fan. I love when the status quo does a change and you can see all the different crazy stuff happening in the books.

    BTW Scott Snyder writers American Vampire for Vertigo, it’s damn good, worth checking out.

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