18-DEC-2011 Even though many penguins live in warm climates, ’tis the season for penguins to appear everywhere. I was bored at one assignment and with all my downtime, needed something to do. There weren’t any post-its for proper #postitart like I would normally do so I grabbed a small notepad and doodled. Then the next day, I felt compelled to mimic Katie Cook’s #marvelcats and began creating some penguin heroes.

The little guy who started it all, Captain Penguin America vs Nazi Polar BearBatpenguin on gargoyle
Requested by my friend Ted, a giraffe hero. Wonder Penguin & Mohawk Storm Penguin
Booster Penguin & Blue Penguin
Justice Penguins of America: Booster Penguin, Blue Penguin, Pengtanna and Power Penguin.
Penguin Avengers. I think my Penguin Rider and Immortal Iron Penguin are badass.
GI Joe Snakeeyes PenguinGI Joes and Cobra Penguins
GI Joe Baroness Penguin
BPRD Hellboy, Liz & Abe Penguins
Mad Hatter Penguin
Penguin Oswald Penguin
Joker Penguin
Harley Penquinn
Poison Ivy Penguin
Disco Penqwing
Black Canary Penguin
Green Arrow Penguin

Updated 10-Jan-2012

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