topless day 2014 bannerAMBER LOVE 16-AUG-2014 The annual GoTopless Day is set for AUGUST 24, 2014! What does that mean for you? Well that depends on where you live unfortunately. With the problems women have faced this year in self-expression and in basic natural health like breastfeeding, this topic should be openly discussed in the mainstream. If Instagram wants to ban nipples, then it would be great if another site allowed it.

Go to the official GOTOPLESS website to find where there are events in your area. and keep posted on Twitter.

For the NY metro folks, I know last year they did have a gathering and it is LEGAL for women to be topless in New York City. It’s also the home of Coed Topless Pulp, the fan club that celebrates reading while topless or nude. They have a fun blog and Twitter.

Don’t forget I’m in the stodgy uptight Republican zone called New Jersey so I can’t participate on Topless Day here. However, I often share selected pics from the comfort of my bed or hotel rooms on

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