As part of my contributions to launch what we now call WOMEN OF WONDER DAY, part of Comic Fusion’s SUPERHERO WEEKEND on Oct 29-30, I’m providing pertinent information about the social disease of domestic violence.

AVON, a legendary cosmetics and fashion company of the U.S., has its own foundation. I was well aware of AVON’s charge to stamp out breast cancer but I only recently became aware that the foundation also has a branch devoted to domestic violence. AVON’s “SPEAK OUT” was launched in 2004 “… to build awareness, to educate, and to develop and implement prevention and direct service programs.”

There’s a designation line of accessories at AVON where most of the cost goes to the AVON FOUNDATION. For example, the infinity Empowerment ring sells for $5 and $3.91 of that goes to the foundation which happens to be 100% of the net proceeds. The same ration holds true for other items in that product line. You can choose from a stylish t-shirt, bracelets and even a tribute color nail polish in a vivid blue.

Many people prefer to give locally rather than to large corporate entities. Join us for Superhero Weekend in NJ. Bidding on the comic art will open in October so if you can’t come to the shop in person, you can email your proxy bid.

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