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My guest in this episode is a dear friend and wonderful human being, Elizabeth “Ember” Ann Berton Reilly. You can see we already have our names and personal identities on similar paths of the multiverse. Our conversation blends peoples’ need for claiming their own identity and our need for stories.

*Disclaimer: I know there are issues where this can be hurtful and some people can invent anthropological excuses like calling them “transracial.” We definitely could not tackle that in a one-hour podcast and we’re not experts.

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Elizabeth has a Masters Degree in Education in Heritage Studies concentrating in oral histories and in the process of going through the hoops for a Ph.D. dissertation for Language, Literary, and Social Cultural Studies. Her background has a fascinating origin from wanting to study the fae of folklore and finding that the “Little People” are basically in every culture and saw the same foundations in the legends between Irish and Cherokee.

While people didn’t dare speak in an interview about the Little People, she’s had success getting people to open up about their personal stories. Many of the people she talks with are multi-racial with some of that being indigenous.

On a personal level, when she was a young adult is Los Angeles, she found herself involved in traditional ceremonies that were based on northern European cultures and she didn’t feel totally comfortable. So this path Elizabeth is on may have started back in the 1980s or earlier (who knows what buries a nugget of trivia in our brains and we discover it decades later?)

An Estonian woman who lived through WWII was a huge influence on Elizabeth. We even found a way to work in some lessons from Star Trek and Terminator!

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Some fiction does a great job of writing the Other while other shows fail on the issue of cultural appropriation. Take for example, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: it was entertaining and the wholesome Kimmy reminded viewers to look at life through the lens of everything being new. However, on the show, the character of Jacqueline played by Jane Krakowski — is supposed to be an indigenous woman who rejected her culture, dyed her hair blonde and wears blue contacts. Her parents on the show are indigenous. They even did an episode about the Washington football team name trying to make up for the damage they did by having this character in the first place.

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American town has its own language

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