Amber Love 14-MAR-2012 REALD has developed fashionable 3D glasses that no longer subject wearers to the awkward two-color lenses of the past. They’ve also introduced a line specifically for the MARVEL AVENGERS movie which comes to theatres May 4th.

Take a look at the collection. THOR, IRON MAN, HULK and CAPTAIN AMERICA. All have had their own successful solo movies, some more than one. What’s missing? Any of the female characters from the new Avengers movie. No Maria Hill. No Black Widow.

I’m not the type that jumps up and down and cries if there’s no female represented in a comic or its movie unless it seems deliberate. First off, I’m annoyed that the character Wasp was not included in the film. That’s one female gone. But when there’s a push for toys and merchandise to consider their female audience and fans, it’s downright insulting that a huge blockbuster franchise like this omits a TOKEN female.

Someone at Marvel/Disney had to approve the licensing for this. If it didn’t dawned on the manufacturing minds of RealD, why didn’t Marvel catch it? Where they busy debating about whether or not they should cover Black Widow’s birth control on SHIELD’S health coverage instead of marketing their only female Avenger?

I contacted Chris DeHaan of RealD and asked him if Black Widow would get her own set of stereoscopic glasses. I have not heard back yet.

According to their announcement:

“…beginning in the month of April fans at will be able to collect these limited edition RealD 3D glasses at special events, fan screenings and via upcoming online giveaways. Collector’s Edition Marvel’s THE AVENGERS RealD 3D glasses will also be available at select AMC Theatres, National Amusement Theatres and independent theatres throughout the U.S. beginning as early as midnight on May 3rd.”

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1 Comment on Marvel Avengers 3D glasses — guess who’s missing?

  1. Honestly, they’re not being sexist at all.
    Those are the 4 glasses because those are the 4 solo movies.
    Black Widow didn’t not get a solo movie because she’s a women she didn’t get a solo movie because she’s a smaller unknown hero. She wouldn’t have drawn in enough of a crowd. It is the exact same way for Hawkeye, who’s my favorite Avenger, he’s just not publicly known enough for his own glasses and movie.

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