DC’s First Official Wonder Woman Day

AMBER LOVE 05-JUNE-2017 As many of you know, Comic Fusion was one of the founders of the unofficial Wonder Woman Day (and Superhero Weekend) which was a charity fundraiser for many years. Since there is now a hugely successful Wonder Woman movie to promote, DC/WB declared June 3 as Wonder Woman Day officially. There was no charity component though. It was just a way to get people into comic shops to celebrate with tiaras and bracers and some had free comics. It encouraged shopping at local comic shops which was an important benefit.

This year since I wasn’t expecting Comic Fusion to host an event but they did; I had already committed to Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains. I dressed as Hippolyta (as best I could). Sonia was Wonder Woman and her husband Joseph was Superman. James was The Flash and Joe was Lex Luthor. A few of the kids that showed up were dressed in theme too.

NO, I HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET! I’ve avoided every review other than short tweets. Accidentally saw some Facebook posts that berated the movie. That soured my mood. 99.99% of the tweets I’ve seen were glowing with praise. I’m excited to see it. The trailers give me what I want in terms of drama, quick wit, and a team of Amazons that aren’t afraid to kick ass when the time is appropriate. That’s what I needed to see in a Wonder Woman or Amazons film.


We had a great time! There was worry early in the morning because of rain, but it cleared up. When the sun got too strong, we stayed inside in the air conditioning. Little Shop owner Steve said this event was bigger than others like Batman Day. I suspect FCBD is the only thing to draw more people. And with their location on the busiest street in Scotch Plains at the busiest and most dangerous intersection, we were highly visible to passersby.

I’m glad DC finally got on the ball and decided to celebrate Wonder Woman after 75 years. Looooong overdue.


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