NOV, 2010 – It’s long overdue but I finally got an interview with NOVA from Here’s where you combine all the ingredients of fierce, stylish, sexy and nerdy in a blender to get a bombshell the likes of nothing else on the internet. Not only can other girls be envious of her sculpted abs but she’s marrying Superman! I can’t make this stuff up! Fiancé Jonathan Carroll is one of the most popular costumed Superman fans out there. Covet away, ladies! The two have his and hers Harley Quinn tattoos to seal their bond in eternal geekdom.

What drew you into alternative modeling and what are the benefits over traditional fashion modeling?

What drew me into alternative modeling, hmm, well in all honestly I originally fell in love with models like Rubber Doll and Apnea, and magazines like Gothic Beauty. But I had no idea where to start. I put a profile up on Model Mayhem and began looking around on craigslist. I found gigs here and there and built up a portfolio very quickly, going from trade work to paid only in about 2 months and never looked back. Ironically I found CosDev through a craigslist ad.

As for benefits over traditional modeling, it’s less about specific types. In fashion modeling you need to be a certain body type and TALL, I would never have made in in runway. In HIGH fashion modeling, my favorite to do, I can be any size any type and be weird. That’s my passion, to create art, not to be a cookie cut out of what a ‘model’ should be.

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling when I was about 16 but didn’t really get going until 18.

You have a fiancé – how does he feel about your side career?

I do have a fiancé who models as well. It is rare to find two people who are as supportive as we are. I think the big thing is that modeling doesn’t consume either of us. We both have other hobbies and other jobs. He accompanies me to all my shoots. We actually met because of a site we both work on, Cosplay Deviants.

What other hobbies do you have outside of modeling?

Other hobbies I have include photography and sewing. I love to make things. Crafting is another hobby, especially around halloween when everything is skulls and spiders. I love collecting as well, and am notorious for completing sets of things, otherwise I think I’d go crazy. I love reading comics and playing video games. I’m also a connoisseur of tea. I study Herbalogy and off kilter religion as well as attend school for fun.
Do you make your costumes, modify or commission them?

I do all of the above. I started costuming through modification to garments, this lead me to sewing and then doing commission work, which leaves me little time so while I’m making costumes for other people, I occasionally hire someone else to make costumes for me!

Where do you find support for alternative lifestyles?

All of my friends are supportive of my lifestyle, especially the costuming. The modeling is a little fuzzy as I think sometimes family wishes I had a more steady ‘real’ job, but I couldn’t make the money I do at any job while still going to school. Other support comes from others in the same field and hobbies as myself.

Do the people at your mundane day job know about your side career?

I don’t have a mundane day job, I guess unless you count school, some of the classes are mundane and I never tell fellow students what I do for a living. Atleast not in explicit obvious terms.

There’s a huge controversy surrounding booth babes, hired professional models that hock the wares at comics/gaming/electronic conventions. How do you feel about businesses or creators hiring sexy women (sometimes men) to promote their products?

Ah booth babes. I’m a huge fan of booth babes IF they are actual nerds and geeks. I think it’s great to show that we aren’t all just zit faced and overweight, that the nerd community is just as sexy and fun as any other community. I do think its sad that even our industry is promoted by sex but hell if that’s the game, let’s play to win.

What advice do you have for anyone interesting in alt modeling?

My advice to anyone who wants to get into alt modeling is simple. Don’t fake it. The easiest way in is to actually believe in it, believe in what alt modeling represents and don’t do it just to be another face, do it to be extraordinary.
What changes would you like to see in the entertainment media in the next few years?

The biggest change is happening now and has been for some time, our geek culture has gone mainstream and its both good and bad. I think sex will continue to sell and there’s no way to stop it.

Finally, where would you like people to find/contact you?

My facebook page for now is the best way to reach me:
My fiance and I will have our site launched soon and it’s URL is:

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