NOV, 2010 – I’m trying to start my winter projects for the 2011 comic convention season. First up is a new (yes, yet another) ALICE LIDDELL of Wonderland dress. The “sexy” babydoll dress in my photo gallery was actually the property of my photographer; the long traditional one in my Brooklyn shoot was one my mother made but is so worn and getting shredded. Time for a new “twisted Alice” created by me. I’ll be modifying Simplicity Pattern 4015 to suit my needs.

The hardest one I have my sights on is PHYLA VELL from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Firstly, I need to read more about her. I’ve only read the first six issues of GotG and I’m sure there’s a lot more to know about who she is and what her personality is like. But the aside from the non-visible, the costume is one that looks easy on the surface but when examining the details like the thigh high boots, the armored gauntlets and the sword, I’m afraid this will be the one to torment me. I’m just not a prop person which means I’d rather hire a friend to do it which means I’d have to be able to afford to outsource part of the project.

Another Marvel creation is BLACK WIDOW but not the one most people would think of. It’s normal to think of the black catsuit-clad Russian-American on the Avengers (which I will get to when I have time to work on the stingers); instead I’m talking about the Black Widow from THE TWELVE which was a Marvel take over of characters that had fallen into public domain. Chris Weston has been the artist and now also the writer on the series (it was yet ANOTHER series started by Straczynski and never finished). The reason I’m looking forward to the Black Widow project is because I will creating while at the Comic Geek Speak Supershow! That’s right! I’m crazy. I got the idea from 24-Hour Comic Day where artists and writers make a whole comic in a marathon timespan of 24 hours straight. I can’t work at the convention center for 24 hours (and I wouldn’t miss the Third & Spruce parties anyway) so I’m dividing the project up over the 2 days, April 30-May1, 2011. Hopefully I’ll get it finished. I only wished Chris Weston could fly over to America to be there with me.

Last up is the KIRBY KRACKLE MASCOT. I finally got to meet Jim & Kyle of Kirby Krackle at the NYCC after being online only friends. They had a couple great concerts at NY. I didn’t even have to invade their booth! Jim came over to Love and Capes and stole me away from Thom. I asked them if I could design an original KK costume and they said I could try the super girl that’s on one of their album covers. I studied and reworked it to something I might be able to create better. I only wish I could fly out to Emerald City Comic Con and wear for them since that’s “their” show – literally… Jim owns ECCC. If you missed it, I interviewed Jim & Kyle a while ago.


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2 Comments on 2011 Costume Potentials

  1. On the Alice idea, another view you might check out is American McGee’s Alice video game. It came out on the PC a few years back, but I know he is coming out with a sequel soon on the consoles (Xbox & PS3). American McGee definitely had a different view on Alice. 🙂

    • I’ve tried to play that game before. I lasted 2 minutes. I couldn’t figure out how to move. I was using a regular pc keyboard and I’m just not a gamer. I do love that version of Alice.

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