AMBER LOVE 20-APRIL-2015 There’s no point in rehashing the perils of comic convention sexual harassment sometimes because it seems like it’s never going to stop. Last week, I mostly saw pictures by my friends and peers who were lucky to be at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim for the big trailer reveal. For others, like Mindy, it wasn’t always a thrilling non-stop fangasm. Mindy shared her story on her blog, Budget Fairy Tale, and it quickly made the rounds of sharing and retweets. Since Mindy shared her story publicly, not on locked accounts, I don’t think there’s a need to hide her identity; links go directly to her blog.



“It took several minutes to process what had happened. My initial reaction was to shrug it off and think it’s not a big deal. But you know what, ladies? It’s a big deal. It’s a big effing deal.” ~Mindy

Mindy’s reaction aftermath is what I want to emphasize today: it’s a clear example of how we’re so trained throughout lives to think the “nice guys” couldn’t possibly be sexual violators. Who wouldn’t trust a gathering of fellow Jedi nerds joyous in their common ground of fandom? Well, as you know, there are assholes everywhere. Mindy’s story shows how she blamed herself for not reacting “better” – for not immediately confronting the men who did this; for not taking out her own phone fast enough to take a photo of them to pass on; for not standing up for herself and for all women at Star Wars Celebration. She shouldn’t have to! But I completely understand her feelings. We are taught that all responsibility is ON US including “proving” that something happened.

“Why didn’t I lunge after them? Why didn’t I shout or scream or do more to publicly shame these guys? Why didn’t I use the phone in my hand to quickly take their picture and then post it on Twitter for all of #SWCA to see? Instead I fled, ironically passing by a large “Cosplay is not consent” poster on the way out. I had no desire to be in the convention hall any longer.” ~Mindy

The second reason I wanted to share Mindy’s link is because she discusses her own misconception that being overweight equals being safe from sexual violence. Just days ago, I posted about how crime writers love to include violence against women, but they do so with only “Perfect Victims” who would be considered traditionally beautiful and thin. Even junkies on TV are shown as beautiful women with some sores on their faces, but they still look like models.

“By the way, the joke is really on these guys because Modest Mindy was wearing booty shorts under her skirt, and my thighs look like cottage cheese. So, enjoy, fellas.” ~Mindy


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    • I’m sorry you went through that. I know it’s foolish to think any environment is completely safe, but it’s a shame that we can’t even rely on our own fellow fans to not be criminals.

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