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NYCC: If you find any pics of me out there please let me know. I feel like I didn’t get out much to be photographed but honestly, staying at a booth makes the convention so much less exhausting than walking around. I love having a base camp. So because I rarely wandered more than a few feet from the booth, I was surprised when a facebook friend said I was on again this year.

ADDITIONS: 13-Oct-2010

Amazonia with her creator Thom Zahler, NYCC 2010

Evie and Aaron of Awesomed by Comics podcast named me as their Cover of the Week for my NYCC cosplays. Thanks, guys! First Aaron picked my Amazonia outfit because that’s the one he took a pic of me wearing but then he changed his mind because the costume made him uncomfortable and he feared he was coming off as “that guy.” He changed his mind and said Firestar and Miss Lion were awesome. Whatever the thought process was there, I’m still eternally grateful for the recognition.

BSC Review’s Girls of NY Comic Con list! I’ve never ever EVER made a “Babes” list before!

14-Oct-2010: EgoTV (*fair warning this has really annoying videos that autoplay) – Costumed Girls of Comic Con. Their flickr is easier is handle.

16-Oct-2010: MARVEL’s flickr stream and their website have photos too.

19-Oct-2010: File Front geek site

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