Ready to tie up Comic News Insider's Jimmy Aquino
Ready to tie up Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino

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I’m so delighted to bringing you another nerding out episode and today’s guest is podcast host of Comic News Insider JIMMY AQUINO who just celebrated his 600th episode.

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Jimmy reminisced about the past 10 years as a podcaster in New York City hosting Comic News Insider. His producer Joe runs The Project Solution which a wonderful charity that helps people all over the world. CNI is often co-hosted these days with writer/editor Erica Schultz. Plus every time Jimmy goes to a comic con, it’s to work his butt off for you, the listeners and fans. He’s always getting great interviews with creators and actors.

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Jimmy’s first trip to a comic shop wasn’t a regular LCS like I’ve seen filled with new comics and gaming supplies. His local store in Florida where he grew up was a comic den filled with white boxes and books called Ye Olde Book Shoppe.

Has the intent of Free Comic Book Day been lost? Jimmy responds with his opinion about how FCBD should be focused on bringing in new readers rather than rewards for people already supporting the industry.

“That issue with Superman holding Supergirl and him bawling his eyes out, I’m not gonna lie I could’ve teared up reading that story.” ~JA

Podcasting has introduced Jimmy to a broader scope of comics so that now he explores the indie and small press world too.

“There’s so much out there. It’s tough to keep up.” ~JA

Jimmy gets to see some of the conventions I long to attend like TCAF and MOCCA. They sound incredible. He gets plenty of interviews at cons so if you missed a creator or celeb, he may have the coverage you’re looking for.


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