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This episode was recorded live at Steampunk World’s Fair in Somerset, New Jersey. It’s run by Jeff Mach Events. The speaker for this panel is Starwolf, a self-described shaman and practitioner of the occult for 40 years.

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STARWOLF presented his lecture “Warding, hex breaking, curse turning, and uncrossing – the real defense against the dark arts” to a nearly full room of about 100 attendees.

I want to address a couple of terms used by Starwolf that could be considered offensive. He refers to himself as a shaman which is critically frowned upon by Native Americans; he also said he began his occult practices when he worked in a place called The Warlock Shoppe and the word “warlock” is offensive to Wiccans because it means traitor. In my recorded intro, I said I didn’t know Starwolf’s heritage, but after editing, I realized he admits he’s Irish and Russian.

I don’t believe that Starwolf uses such words to intentionally harm or upset anyone. He comes across to me as an honest person with strong beliefs and conviction. He’s certainly not responsible for what someone else named their shop in the 1970s.

It’s been a really long time since I hung out or did rituals with other pagans so being a room filled with pagans and open-minded people was a little jarring. For once I wasn’t the weirdest of the weird in a crowd of people or left feeling like the people around think I’m a space cadet who should be locked up.


Starwolf went over some kitchen witchery like Four Thieves spray made from herbes de Provence. He explained how he casts circles for banishing and warding. Other practical bits of advice were using salt or black sea salt with water as a spray. The four big ones were salt, fire, silver, and iron.

It was nice to hear why he opts for water or alcohol based sprays which is because smoke from things like burning sage and incense affect someone in his household with allergies or breathing issues. Options are great!

Starwolf presented multi-cultural tips including the use of Foo dogs and answered a question about feng shui. The “abracadabra” spell could probably be considered controversial. It’s origins are in a grey area. Most people have claimed it’s Aramaic but other sources say it’s Latin from the use of a Roman emperor’s physician, Serenus Sammonicus who wrote it in his works, De Medica Praecepta. Starwolf also mentioned the difference in the Celtic fae and the Germanic/Old English/Norse alfar (elves). He also gave examples of banishing from non-King James versions of the Bible or Hebrew Kaddish. Also probably worth debate among occultists is Starwolf advising that pig-Latin is a valid spellcasting language.

Psychic vampirism was also discussed. The interesting approach to Starwolf’s answer was how he never placed blame indicating that people with this condition might not control it or even know they do it.

Most of the time was spent answering questions from the audience which kept the discussion moving along.


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