featurebanner_rapeculture_kickstarterAMBER LOVE 14-JUNE-2013 I don’t have a great deal of show notes for this episode of the podcast because it’s something my guests and I recorded with only a week left in their Kickstarter campaign to create a national monument and temporary memorials for rape and abuse victims. It’s much more important to listen to the women talk about their campaign and activism and please, visit their links which are below.

REBECCA NAGEL and HANNAH BRANCATO are the founders of the organization FORCE: UPSETTING RAPE CULTURE which you may know from their viral parody against Victoria’s Secret when they spoofed the famous Pink brand with various “Consent” themed underwear.

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If you are easily susceptible to sexual assault triggers, you may wish to skip the podcast and go directly to the Kickstarter page to pledge your support.


Now the team of Nagel and Brancato are focusing all their energy into the temporary memorials for sexual assault survivors and victims while keeping their eyes on the goal of a real national monument.

FORCE is looking for personal stories to be incorporated into the quilt project. They are asking people to submit their stories and select which color fabric they want the story to be printed.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is currently fundraising to create a GIANT quilt containing stories from survivors of rape and abuse. “The Monument Quilt” will occupy the lawn of the national mall, like the historic installations of the AIDs quilt for one weekend in the summer of 2014. The quilt will also be a GIANT picnic blanket that invites the public to sit, eat and talk. The installation of the quilt is part of a larger campaign to build a national monument to survivors of rape and abuse. We believe in building a national monument because we believe our country needs public and supportive spaces for survivors to heal. We see the monument as a necessary symbol for Americans to imagine a day without rape.

FORCE’s Kickstarter campaign will raise the funds necessary to purchase the materials for the quilt and the picnic. Please help us make this important vision a reality and support the Kickstarter!

You can add your story to the Monument Quilt by emailing it to upsettingrapeculture@gmail.com with the subject line “My Story”. Please also let us know what color you would like for your quilt square to be.


FORCE website

FORCE Twitter

FORCE Facebook


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