DEC, 2010 – This Power Girl photoshoot was submitted to Cosplay Deviants and I am awaiting to hear back whether or not they accept it for publication. I’m pretty sure they have someone else already in the queue for Power Girl which means, no duplication of characters. That means, if it is rejected by CosDev, then I’ll need several weeks to resize the photos and build galleries for here.

I’ve also been rejected again by another payment processing company which means the VIP section is still free to a very limited number of individuals. The same rules apply that were in place when the payments were working: please don’t manip the photos and/or distribute them unless I’ve given you permission. They are here for artists to use as reference, to give photographers and costumers ideas, and for your personal enjoyment. If I can’t make money off of them, neither can anyone else.

Laughter and smiles are great therapy, I promise you that. I tend to need more during the winter months which I find terribly depressing. So even though I’d like to give all my friends cars the way Oprah would, instead I’m offering up just a small token by virtue of photos that were taken this week in the Hope that they bring some smiles. It was really a Power Girl photoshoot but once I was wearing just the wig, I couldn’t help but feel that I looked quite mod/vintage so I grabbed my new white Go-Go boots and incorporated them into a few shots.

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You can join CosplayDeviants and see a full Power Girl set of me getting out of the cape & vinyl!

These were taken in New Jersey by JMH Images.

14 Comments on Power Girl Wishes the VIPs Happy Holidays

  1. First, CosDev sure seems to have a lot of rules.
    Second, sorry to hear about the payment processing rejection.
    And third, and most important, wow! I’ve been looking forward to seeing these since you first tweeted about the shoot.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! You are pulchritudinous, voluptuous and just plain hot! I’m curious if the full pictorial has shots of your gorgeous cleavage in the PG costume?

    • Indeed the main photoshoot submitted to Cosplay Deviants is all about a day in the life of Power Girl so I’m in the suit and then out of it. And thank you for all the nice adjectives!

    • They didn’t reject them, Jay. I haven’t even submitted the full set yet. They approved my samples. I’m waiting for the photographer to retouch them & then they’ll get submitted.

  3. beautiful pics. you would make a great mrs. marvel (marvel comics) and enchantress (marvel)

  4. Amber, you look absolutely beautiful … but maybe you should keep SOMETHING on … even if it’s just the boots or the gloves. Many comic book characters, once all their clothes are off … just look like ordinary people … or at least as “ordinary” as someone like you can look 🙂

    • I had the gloves on most of the time but during the photoshoot we did a shower scene so the gloves, belt & boots had to come off. With Power Girl, the wig is a big part of her look. Actually, it’s a good thing you said she looks ordinary because some of the pics are being submitted to a gallery show where the photographer is doing a series of what the superhero has to go through transforming from an ordinary person to a superhero. He’ll be happy to hear that it looks like an ordinary person.

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