HPs of Mystickal Tymes

It might be hard to believe, but I’m actually afraid of a lot of things. I’m not debilitated like someone with tragic levels of OCD (like Monk) but there are times when doing even routine things require me to muster a sense of bravery such as going grocery shopping; yes, even my modeling gigs which I love begin with nausea and feeling faint. Usually I battle panic and its tachycardia and uncontrollable shaking by breathing as deeply as I can and just having patience because I know the anxiety will go away. There is one area of my life where the nervousness isn’t an unwanted thing. I love being in love. I love the adrenaline rush from the chemistry between myself and another person. When it comes to relationships, I actually don’t play it safe; it’s the easiest fragment of life for me feel adventurous. After having my heart broken, I moved back home to the sanctity of my family’s house in the countryside. This is an environment with unlimited love.

Gerina Dunwich’s Wicca Love Spells has plenty of interesting love spell history. Apples are a symbol of love and fertility so autumn is a prime time to work on some apple charms and plenty of charms are meant to be created on Halloween.

Walking backwards downstairs on Halloween Night while holding a  lighted candle over your head; turn around suddenly on the last step to see the face of your future spouse.

For the ladies looking to see the image of their future husband on Halloween Night, they just have to run around their house three times with a willow branch in their right hands and say, “He that is going to be my husband, come and grip.”

If it’s a future wife’s image you long to see, then on Halloween Night you simply have to crawl underneath a blackberry bush.

Specific to an old Irish method of divination is to gather ten ivy leaves on Halloween Night in silence. Throw one of them away. When you go to sleep, place the other nine under your pillow and then you will dream about the person you will marry.

Mabon Wedding Altar

You can also have something like a Ouija board but specific for Halloween Love Magick. Tie a wedding ring to a silk thread and hold it over a goblet. As you recite letters of the alphabet in order, write down the letters whenever the ring pings the glass. When you get to Z just start back at A. The name may be scrambled.

Now, if you have several suitors in mind, write the name of each one on an apple. Place the apples over a fire and the one that pops first will be the one you marry.

In today’s changing acceptance of “marriage” we have to be willing to bend the rules a little. Maybe “marriage” just means committing to each other for a really long time. I’m also a believer in being allowed to love who you want.

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