Cats photoshopped as noir detectives
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Where we left off:

Detective Inspector Guster Nabu has been spending time outdoors to surveil, gather clues, and do copious amounts of research on the local flora and fauna.


Of all the times for this human to have plans, it was the same weekend all the other humans had plans too. There were hours when the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency had to be closed. I couldn’t help it. I was scheduled to meet with other humans who write about detectives at the Deadly Ink conference.

Panel of writers
Photo by Tony Costaine

I got back to the boys as quickly as I could.

amber and Gus the cat
“Yeah, I missed you too.”

It seems like so long since the house finch laid eggs in the hanging basket of snapdragons. Every day we waited to see when they’d hatch. Detective Inspector Guster Nabu had to refrain himself from any further attempts to reach the nest. Professor Oliver Winchester and the finch parents seemed to come to an understanding.


Oliver frequently changed to the better view from the table to keep an eye on everything in sight. He could see most of the land from there. He wasn’t high enough to see into the finch nest, but closer to their level for conversations which made the finches more comfortable.

cat detectives

On June 18 (Father’s Day), the babies finally hatched. At this point, they were still quiet and barely moved. The nest looked like it was filled with dandelion tops.

Baby birbs! #housefinches #birb #birds #nj #nature #summer #wildlife #adorable #nesting #birdnest

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By Monday morning, the detectives hoped their schedule would return to normal. They expected to have a chance to go through the grounds accompanied by people, but the heat wave caused a lot of disappointment.


Oliver and Gus were on the second floor veranda by 6:30, but the only things to watch were bugs. The baby finches were still quiet and their parents checked on them once in a while. Oliver found the largest mosquito in all the land; then he got quite busy with a beetle.

Guster Nabu
I think Gus wants to go with me.

There’s only about one week left before I go to yoga training which will have me away from the detective agency and the boys for eight days. I’ll be able to sleep at home, but I don’t know how they or I will cope with the situation.

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