01-FEB-2011 Plenty of freelance comic book artists take commissions throughout the year with breaks when their schedules are dedicated to projects.

Here’s a list of artists that I know take mail order commissions:

* Nick Mockoviak – Nick is a newcomer and spends his time teaching art to children. He’s been honing his skills by studying the works of today’s greats like Adam Hughes.

* Josh C Lyman – Josh is renowned for his “minis” but the man can do all kinds of character work. But if you’re looking to have something different than one large commission, you could hit up Josh for sketch cards.

* Joe Carabeo – Joe is a pretty fantastic filmmaker but I met him because of the comic work he does with Carolyn Belefski. His comics are original and adventurous. Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales and the Legettes.


* Steve Bryant – Steve is the creator of one my all-time favorite comic heroes, Athena Voltaire. He’s part of one of my other comic obsessions, comictwart.com.

* Mark Stegbauer – Mark builds from his past experience with big name mainstream work to create original material like his upcoming limited all-ages series Dr. Goyle.

* Rafer Roberts – Rafer leads the creative team of Plastic Farm. He’s been a contributor to FUBAR as well.

* Javier Cruz Winnick – Javier and I met years ago at Comic Fusion. We continually run into each other in the metro area comic scene. He loves drawing characters from the superhero genre.

* Brigid Allanson – You need to get some Brigid art before she’s ridiculously famous and out of an affordable price range. She’s particularly great at figures of sexy comic book ladies.

* Jon Riggle – Jon has been doing commissions for years and the internet proved once again how small the world can seem when I discovered my art friends knew who he was and said they love his work.

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