OCT, 2010 – These pictures are from my Halloween modeling session with artist Jay Fife. What you get here are the messy BTS shots where there’s no particular backdrop for a clean scene; it’s just my house complete with buckets of laundry in the way and white boxes of comics hogging up space. The televisions were in the background playing blues on a streaming music station and we just having a great time.

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

The final result was this amazing steampunk inspired Bride of Frankenstein illustration:


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12 Comments on Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Retro Pin-Up Style

  1. Leave it to me to ask the practical question: With your leg being held in that position for the shoot and parts of you — very good parts, by the way — being somewhat subject to the dictates of gravity, was it difficult to maintain balance on the back of that couch?

    • It actually was difficult. I was rather wobbly trying to balance on the edge of the couch which is only a few inches wide.

  2. beautiful pictures, and stunning model. I have an artistic based question, when i draw, which is daily, i struggle with body proportions and foreshortening (upper arms always seem to end up looking like bricks compared to rest). do you mind if i use your photos as a reference for my practicing?

  3. I recently got a gig as a live figure model.

    I did some research into it but thought I’d ask for advice from you on what to expect and how to prepare for my first time…

    Email me.

    • Bring a digital timer (no one ever told me I was supposed to bring my own), a robe, slip on shoes and do a few stretches before starting to limber up a little because gesture poses are all about action and energy. Good luck!

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