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The Kickstarter:

Nicole Heere is trying to fund her yoga clothing line which features parodies of superheroes and other characters in yoga postures. The Kickstarter ends in 10 days so jump on it.

shirt designs from kickstarter page
@nicoleheereart on Kickstarter


Yoga + Superheroes inspired by her daughter:

Nicole Heere was happy to see people loving her paintings of Wonder Woman in yoga poses, but she wasn’t expecting all of her images to be stolen and put up on direct-to-garment apparel companies by someone who did not have her permission. That conflict took something that began as a gift for her daughter sullied the experience of creation. Fortunately, the original painting went on to a great home.

“The thing about that painting is I was pregnant at the time and I wanted something to hang above my daughter’s crib that she could look at that was empowering, but very positive.”

Nicole’s love of yoga and her understanding of a diverse group of characters like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers fused together in a harmony that people who practice yoga look for. She also loves to play with gender roles so you can see her paintings of Ballerina Superman or Laundry Washing Batman.

“I didn’t have any intentions of showing it. Posted it online. The next day, I sold it. I sold it for as much as it cost me to furnish the baby room.”

Nicole may not have the time to draw full comic book issues, but she’s open to cover commissions. Check out her Instagram for the creative ways she put Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian in 17th century noble gowns of queens.

Mikaela Shiffrin in the Capt Marvel ski uniform


Instagram @nicoleheereart

Look for #drawthisinyourstyle on Twitter and Instagram for fun stuff.

amber doing aerial yoga spiderman pose
Amber’s Aerial Yoga Spider-Man


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