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NELIZA DREW is one of my dearest friends and we often commiserate on living a creative life and finding balance. She’s the author of ALL THE BRIDGES BURNING and has short stories in PROTECTORS 2 and FEEDING KATE. **CN: We discuss what it was like for Drew to write characters who have had such violence (sexual and otherwise) as a daily part of their lives.

Don’t worry when cat ladies start a podcast talking about cats. We’re crazy cat ladies who love and write crime fiction like more famous cat lovers Lilian Jackson Braun or Raymond Chandler.



ATBB is an action thriller crime story starring the tremendously damaged heroine Davis Groves. She has to save her sisters and mother from trouble all the time. She doesn’t know what a healthy relationship is. And she’s taken as many beatings as John McClane. There’s a lot of violence against women in this story so just a warning to listeners that we’ll be talking about that.

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Davis and her mother Charlie have one of the most toxic familial relationships in fiction. It becomes the root of the tale about the lengths girls and women will go to in order to survive. Drew worked for years in a juvenile detention center and from there, she learned about these elements of life for young women which helped her form the characters.

Davis is the one sister who suffers under the guilt of trying to leave the family for a new life. When they need her, she inevitably navigates back to the tragic dismantled shell of a life where Charlie exists. Fortunately for Davis, she has an uncle who taught her some survival and self defense.

When it comes to her writing process, Drew said ATBB is the poster child for how not to write a book. She didn’t have a writing schedule or stable game plan. It went through editing which she said felt impossible.

ATBB is set in 2006 though it’s not mentioned. Drew and I discussed how it makes writing different when we lived in a Big Brother world of cameras, surveillance, and smart phones.

Thinking about Carrie Fisher’s passing, I asked Drew what her obituary would likely say. She said, “She probably still has to pee.”

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