AMBER LOVE 21-DEC-2015 It was important to me to get one more hour talking to my friend ANDE PARKS before he leaves America for a great big adventure in the UK. You probably already know who he is, but to catch you up, he’s a comic book artist and writer, a public speaker on making comics and history, and now he’s a novelist.

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Ande has had a busy year in comics inking incredible books for DC and Vertigo from CONVERGENCE, THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR PRESENTS: BEYOND BELIEF, and COFFIN HILL to writing for Dynamite’s original pulp line with SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT. In SOI, he teams up with his old LONE RANGER teammate, Esteve Polls. What will be most challenging for Ande in 2016 is that he’s working on SLASH AND BURN for Vertigo full-time and has also committed to teaching a comics course in England.



A chapter of Ande’s novel STATESIDE is available at Mario Muscar’s “12 Days of Fiction”:!a-chapter-from-stateside/de9yq


Ande wrote LONE RANGER with one of the best iterations of the Tonto character I’ve ever read. Perhaps it was those years of research and living inside the head of Tonto that made Ande create another Native American character.


In his novel, STATESIDE, readers will meet Estes Hightower, who has some notable differences to Tonto. Tonto retained his Comanche heritage; it was also a time of the Wild West. Whereas, Estes Hightower, who is also the muscular companion to a powerful man, is assimilated into American post-World War culture.

We talked a bit about other characters like Mathias and Henry from LONGMIRE and the casting choices. And then there’s J.K. Rowling’s FANTASTICAL BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM which is supposed to have American indigenous magic alongside the Potterverse magic.


Naturally our casual conversation migrated to discussions on small towns, franchises and big box stores, and drinking.


The end of the show Ande and I talk about being rejected by agents and publishers and how the stigma of self publishing has changed.

Meanwhile you should also pick up his OGN with Chris Samnee, CAPOTE IN KANSAS.

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