2014 NYCC DAY 1 (32)

AMBER LOVE 15-OCT-2014 It’s no secret that ONI PRESS is one of my favorite comic book publishers. This year alone, they are responsible for three of my favorite books: PRINCESS UGG (ongoing series), I WAS THE CAT (ogn) and THE PEOPLE INSIDE (ogn). The presentation at New York Comic Con wasn’t actually a panel discussion. The conversation was sustained by solo speaker John Schork. He did a remarkable job considering he was up there alone.

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2014 NYCC DAY 1 (29)

If you went back to my recording of the Female Stereotypes panel, you’ll recall the organization of the panels had some glitches. That panel could have been in 1A21 room which was huge. Countering that misfortune of having to turn people away, the Oni Press panel was in that room which was far too big. It was an intimate conversation between Schork and maybe 50 attendees.

Schork introduced the Oni Press line with good visual aids on the big screen projection. He clearly has an affinity for the science fiction world of aliens and kaiju but also tremendous drive to promote THE AUTEUR. After covering the lineup of books, Schork got creative in an improv comedian way. He invited everyone to speak up to name a book they are reading by a different publisher and he recommended which Oni Press book they would probably like; and he even gave every one of those recommendations a coupon to go to the Oni booth and get an issue for free.


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