featurebanner_princessugg_reviewAMBER LOVE 09-MAY-2014 PRINCESS UGG by Ted Naifeh & colored by Warren Wucinich is the sort of fairy tale that hits you from page one and keeps on rolling with its spectacular art, uniquely powerful female characters of diverse backgrounds and ages, and design that lends itself to the eyes floating over pages of a glorious wonderland presented to the reader. Simply stunning.


We’re introduced first to Ulga, daughter of a fierce warrior Queen Fiörika and King Thórgrim. At her young age, Ulga already has well-defined physical attributes of a strong fighter. Naifeh has given her and her mother muscle definition that doesn’t negate their feminine qualities. Ulga answers the call of fans who want to show their daughters and sons that female warriors wouldn’t go off into battle wearing metal bikinis with a couple of leather straps. Even the princesses of Atraesca reflect more of the Renaissance modesty than an Edgar Rice Burroughs’ princess who wielded swords when needed.

ugg-int01I’ll mention a different publisher for a second. If you like Action Lab’s PRINCELESS, then PRINCESS UGG will undoubtedly please you. The books have some similarities in that the girls stand on their own. They have relationships with their parents during their rebellious years where they are questioning authority. Girls are brought together to form bonds of friendship due to circumstances when they might not otherwise have given each other the time of day. Charm schools, Hogwarts, and now the school system of Atraesca are proving grounds for girls to find supportive peers and overcome adversity. I, for one, can’t wait for the next installment of PRINCESS UGG to see where Naifeh takes this walloping power pack kid, her woolly mammoth Snorri and her new roommate at the school Lady Julifer.

Princess Ugg #1 – June 4 – Diamond Code: APR141284 for the main cover,
APR141285 for the Subscription variant. Oni Press

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