featurebanner_jkwoodward_interview2AMBER LOVE 07-APRIL-2014 One of my all-time favorite artists, J.K. WOODWARD comes on the show to go over the projects on his very busy schedule. Breaking the ice is pretty sweet when I can actually talk to someone about my favorite television shows instead of only on Twitter. We share our take on the PSYCH finale and other favorite picks. My new one is MINDGAMES and JK is catching up on GAME OF THRONES. The we do of course get into the heart of the interview which is covering JK’s latest projects with IDW, Archaia and other outlets.

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trekforever3The big news is that JK is working on the five-issue STAR TREK: TOS (IDW) comic miniseries based on the original Harlan Ellison episode City on the Edge of Forever but not on the version that aired. One of JK’s strengths has always been likenesses and here he will get the chance to again work on one of his favorite franchises with the original cast.

Another project is 49TH KEY, direct to hardcover by Archaia due in autumn. He’s got another project in the works with Chris Kipiniak, the writer of the 2002 NIGHTCRAWLER miniseries. And saving the best news for last… FALLEN ANGEL created and written by Peter David, is coming back some day.

JK had the unique opportunity to switch gears away from sequential art and pinups to do the interior work for the KILL SHAKESPEARE game from the new division of the publisher IDW Entertainment. Interior art in this sense means JK painted all the cards used in it. He talked about the shift away from art meant to tell stories. We covered how the experience is different than the comic book editorial process. KILL SHAKESPEARE is the comic created by Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, Andy Belanger, and Ian Herring from IDW Publishing.

You can try and catch JK for a commission at shows like AwesomeCon, Granite Con, and New York Comic Con as well as some other shows. Check his feeds for more details. @JK_Woodward or to ask questions about the painting process just ask him on his blog, JKWoodwardArt.blogspot.com.

Banner photo by Katya W. Sullivan