featurebanner_rocketraccoon_costumesAMBER LOVE 12-APRIL-2014 It’s fairly well-established that I’m pretty crazy about my cat, Caico. Even though she doesn’t spend much time with me anymore, I still think she’s the greatest cat ever. Right now, she’s old and a really great lap cat. She’s also the only cat I know that has fan fiction written about her courtesy of the talented fans from Who Wants to be a Superhero? No, she never auditioned but she did attend Steel City Con which I think was my first ever comic con experience.

631698-guardians_of_the_galaxy_20080304045633190Caico is a Himalayan and her chocolate face and puffy tail remind me of a raccoon. I’ve been smitten with Marvel’s ROCKET RACCOON for a few years. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie will be out soon. I envisioned Rocket to have a guttery Irish accent but I will take anything as long as it’s high quality. Anyway, I bought a puppet a few years with the plan to make a Rocket costume for it. Today, I decided to try and make the costume for Caico instead.

It didn’t really work.

The sleeves are all wrong for her and it’s tighter than I thought it would be on her. Nonetheless, it was enough for about 3 minutes to get a couple funny pictures. The puppet’s arms are only a couple inches long so the sleeves are wrong for that too but overall it fits the puppet much better. Caico is really tolerant and was in no way harmed during this few minutes. Right now, she’s up in her kitty tower next to an open window napping in the fresh spring air.

It think it took about 4 hours.

* less than a yard of blue fabric
* 1 package of red bias tape
* 1 package of black twill tape
* a Velcro dot
* 6 buttons

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