featurebanner_drgoyle_podcastAMBER LOVE 04-SEP-2012 I consider myself very lucky that one of my dearest friends is also massively talented and willing to work with me. MARK STEGBAUER joined me to talk about all ages comics like his own DR. GOYLE and his relatively new webcomic strip PUB DREAD.


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Mark describes DR. GOYLE as influenced by SCOOBY-DOO because he has such a love of goofy monsters. His PUB DREAD is more advanced in reading age but is perfect for adults that love comedy-horror with creatures rather than slasher-porn. PUB DREAD isn’t in the same kind of adult themes as BUFFY or SUPERNATURAL but Mark describes it more like STAR TREK’S Quark’s bar where these monsters hang out and talk about their lives and comical stories.

From an early age, Mark was hooked on comic books and around age 10 he knew it was a viable career. The comic shops he visited would host creators giving the young boy a solid vision of the process and people to idolize.

Balancing family, day jobs and making comics is difficult. Mark opens up about how relationships vary and now he is fortunate to have found someone who doesn’t think comics is just a hobby and they work out the time management required for everyone to be happy.

The magic of collaboration! Yes, it’s something you’ll hear about from indie creators a lot and that’s because it’s critical. Finding one or more people who click with skill sets and personalities is not as easy as it sounds. You might love your friend’s talent but maybe you learn that their work ethic isn’t what you hoped. You might end up bickering over things like convention costs or printing. And of course, sometimes things fall apart because LIFE happens and you need to adapt to changes in family, locations, income and health.


Mark is also one of our best supporters of the SUPERHERO WEEKEND CHARITY AUCTION at Comic Fusion. This year you’ll be able to bid on his color Polaris sketch.


Mark’s official site, http://steg-art.com/

Mark’s fan page on Facebook

Twitter @inkermark

Dr. Goyle Facebook

Pub Dread at Alpha Dog Studios

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