AmberLove 07-APR-2012 Jim Warren’s comic book legacies CREEPY and EERIE are now part of a film deal with FOUR FEATURES. This film company is working on the first live action film based on the worlds of CREEPY/EERIE. While I don’t consider myself a huge horror fan, I do absolutely worship the brilliant artwork of Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson.

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Chad Meyer’s favorite horror movie is THE SHINING so audiences can expect a large influence of that atmosphere and suspense to make a noticeable mark on CRY FEAR. When you listen to Episode 1205 of the Vodka o’Clock podcast, Chad and I discuss the variations from golden age horror to today’s torture porn to gothic romances where monsters aren’t even scary.

“A lot of people still feel fondly for CREEPY and EERIE comics,” Meyer said. 

The necessary deals were contracted to get the rights from the asset holders. This first installment will be a stand alone story. They aren’t planning on including any of the recurring characters but the possibility hasn’t been completely ruled out. The budget is $1.7 million and to get there, Four Features is looking to line up investors on the level of $50,000 increments from production houses and also small scale fan-driven crowdsourcing from Kickstarter. Fundraising will be completed by the end of June with principal photography in the fall of this year; the final film is planned to be into festivals by spring of 2013.

Within the next few weeks, Four Features hopes to announce the screenwriter. Meyers promises that the chosen writer is a familiar name.

They are staying away from CGI and torture porn. Tony Walsh is handling the special effects which will be more practical than most of today’s movies. The tone will be an 1980’s classic horror feel “to carry all the cool stuff in terms of practical special effects, scariness and monsters to a new generation to appeal to the new twenty-somethings,” Meyer said.

The Creepy and Eerie horror, comic issues were originated artistically by Jim Warren, and commercialized by Warren Publishing in 1968. From 1968 to 1985, 300 comic issues were published. The series captured multiple film genres and interests, including the contemporary horror of its time, sci–fi, fantasy and the classic origins of the horror genre (vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, etc.) The series included 2000 stories and dozens of continuing characters with their own mythologies.

In 2007, New Comic Company acquired the entire rights to the Creepy and Eerie assets, and re-launched the assets via all media, but principally comics. A new publishing deal was executed with Dark Horse with the publication of 10 Creepy and 10 Eerie hardcover comic books of archival material (retail price: $49.99). These republications have sold extremely well, making them Dark Horse’s biggest seller ever in the archive hardcover format. Dark Horse has since committed to another 22 volumes over the next several years. Further, new material centered around various Creepy and Eerie characters/storylines have also been introduced through Dark Horse, and sold well. All of the efforts with Dark Horse should further extend interest in the Creepy and Eerie franchises. ~ Four Features Fact Sheet


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