AMBER LOVE 20-SEP-2012 Today’s thrilling episode of VODKA O’CLOCK #1229, was plagued by Skype/Pamela audio issues. Please the show a listen but fair warning: around the 40:00 minute mark, things go a big haywire. I think you can get through it and glean some useful tips and advice on creating a dynamic crime noir comic series from JEFF MARSICK and SCOTT BARNETT.

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Jeff and Scott had a successful signing at Comic Fusion alongside mentor and supporter of DEAD MAN’S PARTY, Duane Swierczynski who you may know from his thrilling novels or comics work. That was pretty wonderful day in our little shop in Flemington.

Another great day at Comic Fusion is the annual Superhero Weekend fundraiser where comic creators donate original art, signed prints and books to our auction so we can raise money for SAFE in Hunterdon, our local domestic violence organization. This year it’s OCTOBER 6-7. Email proxy bids are already being accepted. Scott donated an incredible SHE-HULK sketch in the likeness of actress Angie Harmon who has said she’d love to be cast in the role. Duane has donated signed BIRDS OF PREY and BLOODSHOT comics to the event as well.

DEAD MAN’S PARTY is the sort of comic for people who love action movies. DIE HARD, EXPENDABLES, THE TRANSPORTER… You get the idea. Jeff and Scott have created a perfectly paced story about an assassin for hire called Ghost. When you need to retire from being a killer you can go out with a bang. A dead man’s party is when an assassin makes himself the target leaving the winner all of his loot gathered from years of paid service. Ghost learns his party was set off a bit premature and he goes on the run for his life. That’s about all that can be said without spoiling the twists.

If you were curious, the comic’s origin do lie in the famous OINGO BOINGO song of the same name. Once Jeff heard it, he wanted to build something from it. The DMP partners are still debating whether the series will be four or five issues. Their goal is the same for creating a complete product and shopping it around to publishers for bigger and better distribution. They want to see what they created get into as many hands as possible.

“When I was a kid, the one I always wanted to write was FLASH.” ~JM

Scott discussed his main influences as a blend between Alex Ross and Frank Miller’s SIN CITY. The wonderful inspiration for the many exotic locations of DMP came from research and also from Jeff’s personal traveling experience.

“He stays removed from society and kind of does his own thing but you gotta have a tether that links him to the real world,” Jeff said about writing an assassin.


Yes, that’s right. Scott and Jeff said they would be thrilled to have a Dead Man’s Party cocktail in VODKA O’CLOCK: THE BOOK. Here’s what I worked out and I must say, it’s frakkin’ delicious!

“Designed to put you on your ass.” Scott Barnett


3 oz. vodka
2 oz. freshly brewed ice tea
5 oz. ginger ale.

Serve in a tall glass. This is one of the few drinks that I haven’t topped with whipped cream and garnish. The Dead Man’s Party cocktail needs no frilly things. (Ignore the spool of thread in the picture; that’s just the normal sort of thing you’ll find lying around my place.)


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Dead Man’s Party official site

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