Amber Love 09-MAY-2012 On today’s episode I chat with creator Brennan Taylor about his Kickstarter campaign HAVE BLASTER, WILL TRAVEL: A BULLDOGS! STORY ANTHOLOGY. The types of characters in Bulldogs are sometimes compared to Firefly or called the Han Solo RPG, like Star Wars without the Jedi.

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“There are basically 10 alien species that are described in the main book and most of the stories that are written use those aliens that sort of cast alien types. Each story has a cast of characters that’s unique to the story however each author came up with their own set of characters.”

HAVE BLASTER is anthology of fiction created by today’s popular science fiction authors based on Taylor’s roleplaying game BULLDOGS by Galileo Games. The authors include: Mur Lafferty, Greg Stolze, Nathan Lowell, Eddy Webb, Gareth Skarka, Nathan Crowder, Jared Axelrod, and Christiana Ellis. It’s edited by J.R. Blackwell, who Brennan describes as integral in managing the entire project as an equal partner to him while he handled the Kickstarter management.

“There isn’t a lot of adult content. I would classify it as PG-13. The stories are mostly action oriented although there are a couple that have a little bit of suspense mixed in but it’s mostly space action.”

Marketing and distribution is a something Brennan is tackling on every front possible. He’s planning on getting HAVE BLASTER up on Amazon and DriveThru Fiction.

We spent about 50% of the hour talking about Kickstarter. Brennan has been involved with several successful campaigns. We covered what makes a good campaign, how it gets better after the first one, and the pros/cons of the back end interface in case you’re interested in launching your own project.

If you’re in the northwest NJ area on the weekends, Brennan and his daughter have a gaming night at Riverside Coffee & Tea in Clinton at 6pm. You can get the info and RSVP through Meetup.



Galileo Games

DexCon 15



1 part VanGogh Caramel Vodka

2 parts Godiva liqueur

Drizzle inside of the glass with Hershey’s syrup.

Put liquids and ice into a shaker and … shake!

Pour into glass.

Top with whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso bean



You can pick up your copy of GIMME SHELTER, a zombie apocalypse story by Galileo Games, at DriveThruFiction.


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