Vodka O’Clock 1901 Writing and Memoirs with Brendar Brady

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Episode 1901

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Brendar Brady

This is a great way to launch Vodka O’Clock for the new year. BRENDAR BRADY is used to going to small New Jersey comic conventions to assist at the booth of her husband Ryan Brady. Fingers crossed that she’ll find the path that works for her writing to someday have merch of her own at a show.

To start off, we gushed about Aquaman and Into the Spiderverse. Brendar had a dream come true and met Jason Mamoa at Wizard World Philly. They’re totally BFFs now.

We have different writing styles. I am an outliner/plotter and Brendar is all about the free-writing “pantser” method (“to fly by the seat of your pants”). I gave a brief explanation of National Novel Writing Month and how I use Scrivener. Both of us battle the urge to leave the keyboard and go clean rather than push through challenging writer’s block. Brendar writes for herself at this time and we discussed the deeply emotional aspects of that along with controversies about family boundaries in memoir writing.

“This is my life. Do I really want people to know this?”

Brendar on the considerations of memoir writing.

Brendar and I talk about our convention-going experiences which are quite different. Her fandom lies in geeky movies and dramatic memoirs. One of her recommendations is THE BEST WE COULD DO: AN ILLUSTRATED MEMOIR by Thi Bui. She’s in constant search of Asian-Americans, particularly Cambodian-American children of refugees for the sake of finding connections with people like herself. What she wishes for is for there to be more stories about Cambodian people that has nothing to do with the war. She couldn’t find the book she was looking for so she began to her own with hopes that someday her story will help someone else. Meanwhile, if you have a similar point of view, Brendar asks that you email her.

“I want to also show that yes, that happened, but I want to show what it’s like growing up after that.”

Brendar Brady

Another one of Brendar’s recommendations is COMING CLEAN: A MEMOIR, a story about parents who were hoarders and is written by one of their children, Kimberly Rae Miller. This is timely since Twitter was in an uproar last week about Marie Kondo and her books and shows about minimalism, uncluttering, or the less harsh phrase “tidying up.”


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