Amber Love 21-MAR-2012 It is with profound heartbreak that I am selling off my most beloved comic book costumes. My cat spent the night in the ER and her bill is substantial. Caico has been my studio mate and special princess for several years proving that you can find the perfect cat in a shelter.

My etsy listings ( tell some of the stories of these costumes. Most painful for me, is parting with my FANTASTIC FOUR costume signed by Joe Sinnott and sketched on by George Perez. I just don’t know what else to do but give this up for a reasonable price. The value is not in my craftsmanship on this one; it was originally meant as a practice piece for my sewing but quickly became one of my favorite costumes to wear.

My fashion blog entries from 2009 show how amazing it was to have Joe Sinnott at Comic Fusion and ask him to sign my suit. He only had more influence on molding the F4 than Stan Lee.


Then, fates granted me my wish of meeting George Perez. George had canceled several of his con appearances because of his own health issues. I was surprised that he was in Pittsburgh and even more surprised when he shouted TO ME from across the aisle as if we were lifelong friends. It was the power of the internet that introduced me to George and it was a blessing that I got to meet him in person. I asked him to sign my suit like Joe but George had to be George. He grabbed me, put me on his lap and drew a whole sketch of Mr. Fantastic on my butt.


My other signature characters like WONDER WOMAN and POWER GIRL are now also listed. I can’t bring myself to list the full Wonder Woman suit yet. So far, I have the new 52 corset listed.

I am also looking for a buyer interested in a dozen pieces of original artwork that I bought through the years of Wonder Woman Day auctions and other similar events. I have 10 Wonder Woman pieces, a political piece about women, and a Sue Storm piece.

If you are interested in donating without purchasing anything, all you have to do is PayPal the account of joannegrosinski (at) comcast (dot) net.

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