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Cats, Comics, Tiny Houses, & COVID19

ERICA SCHULTZ has returned to talk about her 2019-2020 comic book series FORGOTTEN HOME which is a Comixology Originals series.

After investigating several child abductions, Sheriff’s Deputy Lorraine Adalet discovers the children were taken using magic from Lorraine’s homeworld.

After a lengthy discussion on the sex lives of neutered cats (yes, really), Erica and I talked about her world of making comics and teaching writing and lettering. Throughout the quarantine here in New Jersey, Erica has kept her teaching jobs at The Kubert School and Comics Experience which are online. She’s editing comics, writing, and working as the project manager for Forgotten Home acting as the writer and production liaison for the whole team. issue one cover Forgotten Home begins on Earth, but quickly takes our heroes to the world of Jannada. When teenagers like Joanna are abducted, Lorraine needs to find her daughter and notices traces of her home world’s magic at the crime scenes. On Jannada, Joanna is welcomed by her (evil?) grandmother Queen Rani and immediately begins her magic and battle training. The war between Jannadans and Chilombons has continued and when the army dwindled, Queen Rani began stealing children from Earth to be her soldiers.

Forgotten Home is visually captivating with vibrant hues of violet for the magic offset against the neutral colors of the casual wear. The ceremonial garments designed by Yissel Ayala are bold and contain pieces of the magical crystal to boost the royal families’ powers. The storyline, as we discuss in detail in this episode, shows how magical stories can reflect our real world tragedies like child soldiers, family dysfunction, teenage angst and confidence, and other interpersonal relationships. Magic doesn’t solve all the problems of the world as enticing as it is.


Written by Erica Schultz

Art by Marika Cresta

Colors by Matt Emmons

Colors Assists by Jackie von Spanks

Lettering by Cardinal Rae

Cover Art by Natasha Alterici

Logo by Kevin Maher

Jannadan Royal Garments Designed by Yissel Ayala


Twitter @ericaschultz42

Facebook Page

Instagram @ericaschultzwrites

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