06-JUNE-2011 – I had the pleasure of interviewing KODY CHAMBERLAIN, creator of the IMAGE COMICS book SWEETS for the Comic Book Page Podcast. I had reviewed SWEETS throughout the ongoing releases for Dynamic Forces (links at the end) and wanted to get an interview with Chamberlain when the trade was solicited. That’s now, in the June PREVIEWS catalog for August releases.

We dove into the production of SWEETS, talking about the choices in tones and textures; working as a creator on a creator-owned book where there was no money up front; and working with other artists.

The artistic style of SWEETS shows three distinctions: the current timeline of the detectives on the hunt for the serial killer, the flashbacks of the brothers as they are children, and the killer’s point of view. Chamberlain explains that crime comics work well when they have consistent artwork. He says he chose the sepia overlays because the traditional black and white styling of noir comics doesn’t grab enough attention from sellers.

I even managed to get Chamberlain talking about modern video games like L.A. Noire, Gears of Wear and HALO, which he admits to sucking at.

The main character of SWEETS is Detective Curt Delatte, who I personally viewed as an urban cowboy. Chamberlain’s love of westerns, especially THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY were definitely influences on the quiet hero Delatte. Chamberlain said he could have pictured Clint Eastwood playing him decades ago. I’m guessing Josh Brolin wouldn’t be too bad as a casting consideration for Delatte.

Wondering what this horror/drama creator who worked on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT would build as his ultimate vampire? We discuss that too. Chamberlain compares gothic romantic vampires to monstrous bloodsuckers.

Something different than crime noir from Chamberlain is PUNKS which can be found at MTV on their digital platform.




*PS – if you want to make a drinking game out every time I say, “So…” be my guest but I am NOT responsible for how shitfaced you’ll get.

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