featurebanner_richclark_interviewAMBER LOVE 14-FEB-2013 This week I have an incredible discussion with my friend Richard Clark about life as an artist, comics that influenced him, art news, figure drawing and works of masters. Rich warned me that he was a talker but that’s only an added benefit when the show goes for about an hour-twenty minutes.

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What’s a bored teenager in Cleveland supposed to do? Apparently smoke weed, experiment with alcohol, and develop a love of drawing. Rich has almost completely cleaned up his act; he’s still chain smoking cigarettes but he’s also one of the best artists I’ve known so whatever makes him work, I’m all for it.

“We may be the Mistake by the Lake but New Jersey gave us Snooki.” ~RC

Despite his obvious talent, Rich had a personality clash with one of his art teachers. He failed art that year. It’s encouraging and inspirational to hear of other people’s failures (at which point Rich talks about something called The Dolphins and Super Bowl). He firmly believes that particular teacher is no more than a “hag” who was too consumed by her own issues to consider guiding and nurturing students.

Brace yourselves…. we disagree heavily on GAME OF THRONES and FRANK FRAZETTA! Nerd Wars!

Rich explains how in college he was educated on what the fine arts industry categorized “high” and “low” art. Things like comics and genre art would be in the “low” art category. Never fear, we discuss the importance of Italian artist John Singer Sargent from the turn of the 20th century. (Sargent on Artsy)

We delve into our own personal paths regarding how much to expose about your beliefs and convictions. Artist Molly Crabapple was recently jailed in Mexico. Rich greatly respects Molly and he says that if you are going to be vocal about your beliefs, have the conviction to stand by your work and your words. Those are pretty familiar bits of advice from anyone that pays attention to Warren Ellis’ blogs and columns.


* Richard Clark official site

* Twitter

* CBR article about HOUSE OF GOLD & BONE

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