23-JULY-2011 Every week there’s another blog post about someone in the comics industry or fandom that is having financial trouble. It’s a sad realization that so many of us can’t make ends meet doing the things we love. One recent case is fellow podcaster Dayna from the cool podcast MADE OF FAIL. Mutual friend, J.K. Woodward has taken a bold step in helping out Dayna and her family from foreclosure. JK is picking up his brushes and offering to paint original comic pages for donors to help Dayna.

But if you’d like to do more and get some original art, I’m offering an original page of your choice and specification to the first 3 who donate $300 dollars or more. ~JKW

I have my own original JK Woodward sketch among my prized collection of original art. Visit JK’s blog post to see all the details about how to donate and how to collaborate on making an original comic book page. I think this a brilliant and unique idea that most comic book fans would not have the opportunity to ever do.

My Fallen Angel sketch by J.K. Woodward

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3 Comments on Comic Artist @JK_Woodward takes the lead in helping out

  1. Friggin’ AWESOME of YOU AmberUnmasked!!! And to JK too!

    AU – is it possible to buy one of your t-shirts and donate the $ to the cause?


    • Unfortunately it’s not set up that way. I already have nightmare PayPal problems. I don’t think Dayna does and I don’t want to pull her into my problems if I can help it. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get my t-shirt proceeds from cafepress yet. On etsy have the account re-routing now to my mother’s account and letting her manage that side of things.

      • Thanks for the reply – I’ll just donate through her paypal (yeah, can’t afford a JK sketch right now: ) and get my t-shirt next month!

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