Amber Love 23-JULY-2012 Over the weekend, $147 was raised through my etsy shop for the Bonfils Blood Center in Aurora, Colorado following the tragic shootings of dozens of comic book fans.

People online kept encouraging blood donations but that’s not always possible either for health reasons or simple geography. I made a pledge that 50% of all sales Fri-Sun would go to Bonfils. That’s a lot for me to part with. What those sales boil down to is covering the costs of supplies. Sometimes it needs to be done. And even so, I still haggled on a large order so not only did I make even less but I had less to donate. It seemed better than no sale at all. Three costumes and one tote were sold.

I read on the Red Cross statistics that it costs somewhere between $130-150 USD for a pint of blood. I guess I can say that my sales will provide someone in Colorado a needed pint of blood. I hope so anyway.

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