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AMBER LOVE 05-NOV-2015 I haven’t begun to draft my 2015 NaNoWriMo diary yet, but it’s something that helped me blow off tension last year so I’d like to do it again. Also, there won’t be as much Vodka O’Clock this month because of writing. I also suspect the entire holiday season may be hard to book guests.

Meanwhile, I’ve curated a list at Patreon of some of my favorite writing themed episodes of Vodka O’Clock with outstanding guests in different fields of writing and publishing.

Currently, I have broken the 9,000 word mark which is pretty damn good. Last year I was behind the daily targets for two weeks and it took some marathon writing to catch up. Having a plan this year and a reasonable, though not detailed outline this year has made a huge difference. As have you! I’m not in the panic about paying my car insurance in December because of generous backers!

I’d like to do more journaling of the progress like I did last year. Hopefully I’ll get my shit together and draft that.

This month since NaNoWriMo gets people talking about writing the way last month’s Inktober got people posting art, here’s a list of some of my favorite episodes of Vodka O’Clock featuring writers and publishing pros:

  • Duane Swierczynski 1240 and 1201 (novels and comics)
  • Ande Parks 1443 1323 1203 (novels and comics)
  • Rob Brunet 1503 (novels)
  • Josh Stallings 1426 (novels)
  • Stephen Blackmoore 1231 (novels, it’s his birthday today to go find him on twitter and say hi)
  • Angela Henry 1515 (novels)
  • Jennie Wood 1431 (novels and comics)
  • Tana Ford 1542 (comics)
  • Eric Ruben 1541 (agent and comedian)
  • Elsa S. Henry 1509 (game writing and novels)



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