2021 Favorite Things in Books, Movies, TV, Podcasts, and Comics

I’m trying a new format for presenting the massive amount of pop culture and entertainment I consumed this year. It’s one table which should allow the reader to sort, search, change the number of rows displayed, and use a horizontal bar for reading across the columns.

Forensics: A Guide for WritersWriter's Digest Booksbetter organized than his other books where he responds to questions on his blog; it's filled with important information, but writers will have to remember that technology changes all the time so things like scientific tests and criminal databases may be different than explained.D.P. Lyle, MDbook
The Book of AccidentsRH/Ballantinefull review postedChuck Wendigbook
Her Perfect LifeForgefull review postedHank P Ryanbook
All My Darkest ImpulsesAmazon Originalsfirst of 4 parts where readers get to know Matthew and his daughter Jewel and wife. It balances with the period of Matthew's teen years at Merle house.Lisa Ungerbook
Fog DescendingAmazon OriginalsLisa Ungerbook
Circling the DrainAmazon OriginalsLisa Ungerbook
Love the Way You LieAmazon OriginalsLisa Ungerbook
A Different DawnThomas & Mercerfull review postedIsabella Maldonadobook
The Book of MagicS&Sfull review postedAlice Hoffmanbook
YokeWorkman Publishing Groupfull review postedJessamyn Stanleybook
Heaven's a LieMulholland Booksfull review posted and podcastWallace Strobybook
Yoga of Courage and CompassionInner Traditionsfull review postedWilliam Yangbook
Master Your Core: A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to InjuryTCK Publishingfull review postedDr. Bohdanna Zazulakbook
Forget Me NotRH/Ballantinefull review postedAlexandra Olivabook
Murder, She Wrote: Killing in a Koi PondBerkley Publishingfull review postedJessica Fletcher and Terri Farley Moranbook
The Book of Hope:
A Survival Guide for Trying Times
Celadon Booksfull review postedJane Goodall; Douglas Abramsbook
I Know YouThomas & Mercerfull review postedClaire McGowanbook
Jane Austen's Lost Letters
A Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery
St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur Booksfull review postedJane K. Clelandbook
The ViolencePRH/Del Reyfull review postedDelilah S. Dawsonbook
After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and BeyondSt. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Essentialsfull review at GoodReadsBruce Greysonbook
Hudson and Tallulah Take SidesTwo LionsAnna Kang (Author), Christopher Weyant (Illustrator)book
Flea Market MagicEvermore PressBella Fallsbook
The Office Knightindiefull review at ReedsyS. S. Onealbook
The CipherThomas & MercerIsabella Maldonadobook
Julius and Macy: A Very Brave NightTwo LionsAnnelouise Mahoneybook
Killer CupcakesindieLeighann Dobbsbook
You Can RunRH/Ballantinefull review postedKaren Clevelandbook
Destiny, NYBlack Mask StudioPat Shand (w), Manuel Preitano (a), Jim Campbell (L/D), Shannon Lee (ed)comic
Stray Dogs vol 1ImageT+ story with adorable art about people being killed in order to steal their dogs.Tony Fleecs, Trish Forster, Brad Simpsoncomic
Radiant Black issue 1Imageloser guy finds a super suit; not enough to excite me to keep reading thought Kyle's letter in the back is better than the comicKyle Higgins (w), Marcelo Costa (a), Becca Carey (L), Michael Busuttil (design)comic
Blood of the TakenPatreonvampire comicSian Mandrake, Jack Mandrake (L)comic
Home Sick Pilots vol 1Imagea punk band ends up in a haunted house; Ami is killed by the house. she is sent to retrieve a horseshoe that contains ghostsDan Watters, Caspar Wijngaardcomic
The Catch 1&2KickstarterSteve Bryant (w&L), Ismael Canales (a), Roger Surroca (c1), Mireia Girbau (c2), Chris Murrin (ed)comic
The Department of TruthImageFBI Agent Cole has the job of keeping track of right wing conspiracies; he's taken into The DoT and told he works there now for Lee Harvey Oswald and a woman named Ruby; issue 1 is about whether the moon landing was real & flat earthers; there isn't much story in that there's too much; the artwork is cool but still can't save the story from being 30 pages of talking headsJames Tynion IV (w), Martin Simmonds (a), Aditya Bidikar (L), Dylan Todd (design), Steve Foxe (ed)comic
Deadly BouquetVicEs Pressthree sisters have to unpack family historyErica Schultz (w), Carola Borelli (a), Gab Contreras (c), James Emmett (ed)comic
ShadecraftImage ComicsAsian protags. High schooler Zadie Lu begins seeing shadows come to life. One saves her from a menacing shadow and it turns out to be her brother Rickey's soul/spirit while he's in a coma.Joe Henderson (w), Lee Garbett (a), Antonio Fabela (c), Simon Bowland (L), Rick Lopez Jr (ed)comic
The Good Asian #1Image Comics1936 San Francisco Chinatown during an immigration ban, following Det. Edison "Eddy" Hark an Irish-Asian AmericanPornsak Pichetshote, Alexandre Tefenkgi, Lee Loughridge, Jeff Powell, Dave Johnson, Will Dennis, Grant Din (historical consultant)comic
The Silver Coin #1Image Comics1st in an anthology. This one tells the horror story of a rock guitarist finding the coin and getting the success he wants at the expense of his loyalty to his old band and to life. Like a monkey's paw sort of story. Each issue will have a different writer.Chip Zdarsky (w), Michael Walsh (a & L)comic
HomeImage Comicsa tragic immigration story of a mom and her son coming from Guatemala; issue 1 ends with a surprise of superpowersJulio Anta, Anna Wieszczyk, Bryan Valenza, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaoucomic
Ash & Thorn vol1Ahoy Comicsbeing old doesn't mean you can't learn new things and kick monster buttMariah McCourt (w), Soo Lee (a/i), Pippa Bowland (c), Rob Steen (L), and morecomic
The ClockImage / Top Cowa story about a pandemic that was written and conceived long before the COVID-19 crisis. The timing was remarkably coincidental. The story is fast-paced; it leaves you questioning who the bad guys are until the end.Matt Hawkins, Colleen Doran, Bryan Valenza (c), Troy Peteri (L)comic
The Fire WithinKickstarter (Crowntaker Studios)a story of a boy and his mother escaping domestic violence in a picture book style.Shawn Pryor (w), George Kambadais (a), Justin Birch (L), Tee Franklin (ed), Justin Stewart (dig asst)comic
Chartwell Manor: A Comics Memoir by Glenn HeadFantagraphics236 pages of brutal b&w comics about a man's life from the moment he was 13 in a boarding school run by a pedophile.Glenn Headcomic
Made in KoreaImageproxies are AI children; white families with enough money adopt them as real children but there are anti-AI people looking to eliminate them.Jeremy Holt (w), George Schall (a), Adam Wollett (L)comic
Charlie's SpotKickstartera panhandler turns out to be a veteran with ptsd who has such an impact on his community that when he needs medical care they come together to pay for it.George O'Connor (w), Meredith Laxton (a), Allie Pepitone (c), Taylor Esposito (L)comic
Black's MythAhoy Comicswerewolf detective with half-djinn partner against white supremacistsEric Palicki (w), Wendell Cavalcanti (a), Rob Steen (L) + backupscomic
I am HexedKickstartera take on the Women's March using witchcraft in place of being a woman or LGBTQIA.Kirsten Thompson (w), Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau (a), Amagoia Agirre (a), Taylor Esposito (L)comic
Hack/Slash deluxe editionImageextremely super gross, quality art thoughTim Seeley, Stefano Caselli, various artistscomic
Second ChancesImagesomeone who gives people new identities and erases their old livesMammone, Bertolini, Hopkinscomic
Friend of the Devil: a Reckless bookImagean action-packed noir about a former FBI agent investigating what happened to his Vietnamese-American girlfriend's white step-sister. Ethan Reckless gets entwined in a web of powerful Hollywood producers who are part of a Satanic cult of the 70's & 80'sEd Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Jacob Phillips (c)comic
The Last WitchBoom!Conor McCreery, V.V. Glass, Natalia Nesterenko, Jim Campbellcomic
Women Do Not Creep by DaylightKickstarterhorror one-shotVera Greentea, Kyla Van...comic
Snow Angels vol 1Dark Horse / Comixology OriginalsA father and his 2 daughters are part of a community living in the snow trench. They fear The Snowman (not an abominable snowman), trench dogs and bears. They're grounded in a faith of the Colder Ones described as taller than the trench who guide the dead to the spirit world. In volume 1, the family faces slaughter and had to go on the run to the end of the trench which according to their beliefs never does end. Pa confesses to the Milli and Mae that he had in fact been beyond the end before they were born.Jeff Lemire (w), Jock (a), Steve Wands (L)comic
HawkeyeMarvelThe art > the story; Kate Bishop is drawn to look realistically athletic; Aja's overall style is with wide sketch brush strokes; the limited color palette works well to maintain where focus should be yet keep a vibrant field of vision for the reader. Sometimes you can really tell when a team is all men like a scene of Madame Masque tied up wearing thigh hugh fishnets and her masque as Kate dons the villain's spandex. as if anyone would wear thigh highs and a garter belt under a catsuit. The Tape story however is better than the tracksuit mafia.Matt Fraction (w), David Aja (a), pulido (explains the fishnets), Hollingsworth (c), eliopoulos (L), comic
Stray Dogs: Dog Days 1ImageThe story continues to be difficult due to the sensitive content of animal abuse. This issue gives short stories of some of the different dogs.Tony Fleecs, Trish Forstnercomic
InkblotImageThe voidcat managed to protect Eliza and her friends and Grandma from a monster but the monster returned.Emma Kubert and Rusty Glaadcomic
Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?Albatross Funnybooksfull review postedHarold Schechter, Eric Powellcomic
GoblinDark Horse Comicsfantasy world with a goblin protagonist who is just a child in an emotional story; podcastEric Grissom, Will Perkinscomic
ShadowmanValianta new launch of one of Valiant's iconic characters; Jack Boniface is led by Baron Samedi to Elsbeth Martinique's party-ritual where rich people are trying to cross over to the Deadside. There's an overall arc but the issues as also episodic.Cullen Bunn (w), Jon Davis-Hunt (a), Jordie Bellaire (c), Clayton Cowles (L)comic
RageKickstartera strange viral contagion affects half the population or so driving a father to reconnect with his only surviving child since he killed his son and wife years before in a dui.Scott Hampton, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jennifer Langecomic
Nightstalker: The Hunt for a Serial KillerNetflixwell done documentary seriesPaul Skolnik, Gil Carillo, Frank Salernodocumentary
Good HairNetflixRock traveled the world to find out about the lucrative biz of chemical relaxers, perms, and weaves. ended with a competition show, Bronner Bros.Chris Rock, Nia Long, Traci Thoms, Evedocumentary
The Vanishing at the Hotel CecilNetflixthe story of Elisa Lam's strange behavior in the LA Hotel and the movements around the time of her deathTim Marcia, Amy Price, Greg Kading, Josh Deandocumentary
UnknownPrimewonderfully absurd action movie about assassins though January Jones is still like cardboard.Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Aidan Quinn, January Jonesmovie
Secret in their EyesPrimeshocking twistJulia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidmanmovie
Shimmer LakeNetflixthe scenes are shown in reverse order. other than to be unique, there's really no reason for it. small town bank robbery by desperate and not bright people.Rainn Wilsonmovie
A Fall from GraceNetflixtense, gripping, TW for DV and con men. Brilliantly done.Tyler Perry, Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooksmovie
Death to 2020Netflixfunny satireLisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant, Leslie Jonesmovie
MaraudersNetflixexciting and worth repeat viewing.Bruce Willis, Christopher Melonimovie
Devil's KnotPrimesurpringly good based on true story of 3 young boys murdered and the boys convicted were allegedly Satanists, but the case was terribly weak against them and they were found guilty anyway.Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firthmovie
Crown HeightsPrimegreat cast with an important story about wrongfully convicted personsLuke Forbes, LaKeith Stanfieldmovie
Darkness Falls (2020)Primedetective tracks down the father & son serial killers who make their victims look like suicides. not good.Shawn Ashmore, Gary Colemovie
Palm SpringsHulugroundhog day but at a wedding; nothing extraordinary but nice ensemble cast; I definitely didn't see the appeal other people found in it.Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, JK simonsmovie
Godzilla 2014movie
Godzilla King of Monstersmovie
Birds of Preymovie
Suicide Squadmovie
The Poughkeepsie TapesPrimeawful "mockumentary" about a serial killer; do not recommend at all.movie
ShaftPrimeSamuel L. Jackson, Christian Balemovie
The VanishedLots of murders and a hell of a twist at the end.Thomas Jane, Anne Heche, Jason Patric, Peter Facinelli who also w/dmovie
Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of FourPrimemovie
I See YouPrimeserial killer in a small town with a bizarre twistHelen Hunt, Jon Tenneymovie
KnowingPrimenot what I was expecting; a scientist has to accept that phenomenon happen and sometimes people aren't insane, they really are connected to each other and to higher divine beingsNicolas Cagemovie
Brain on FireNetflixbased on the Susannah Cahalan memoir I loved about a reporter getting hit with a unique disease and how it was truly a war to get a correct diagnosisChloe Moretz, Richard Armitage, Carrie Ann Moss, Jenny Slatemovie
Mystic RiverNetflixnoir set in the early 80s (?) of three men who were connected in childhoodSean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Baconmovie
LavenderNetflixphotographer with amnesia; haunting from traumaAbbie Cornish, Justin Long, Dermot Mulroneymovie
Between WorldsNetflixabsolutely terrible movie about a man's dead wife's soul entering the body of the daughter of the new woman in his life.Nicolas Cage, Franke Potentemovie
Ip Man 1NetflixDonny Yenmovie
Jennifer's BodyHuluWhy have other women told me this movie is good? The title doesn't even make sense. The costuming is inconsistent for the era.Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried movie
Derek DelGaudio in and of itselfHuludeeply emotional stories used to show some magic and grand Master level memory challenges.movie
The Woman in the WindowNetflixdirected by Joe Wright, based on a novel - bizarre choices in the directing and cinematography; the plot does have a twist but even the happy ending doesn't make it feel satisfying. Amy Adamsmovie
TakenHuluLiam Neesonmovie
PrimalHuluNicolas Cagemovie
The Mandchurian CandidatePrimemind control by industrialists cooperating with a Senator to get her Senator elected as VP then President would be killed making him Pres.Denzel Washington, Glenn Close movie
The Postcard KillingsPrimevery weird international serial killersJeffrey Dean Morganmovie
AlienPrimeI was right to not watch it all those years. Not a fan of the long slow parts and then terrified.Sigourney Weavermovie
Trial by FirePrimea man on death row finds a woman who wants to help him but can'tLaura Dernmovie
Spinning ManNetflixGuy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Drivermovie
Angel of MineNetflixa mother grieving over the child she was told burned in a fire at the hospital begins stalking her neighbor's family when she begins to believe their daughter is really hers.Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski, Luke Evansmovie
TwistedHuluAshley Judd, Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jacksonmovie
The New DaughterPrimehorror movie like Signs and Poltergeist only awful but the house in it is gorgeousKevin Costnermovie
Pay the GhostPrimeI guess it could've been worse.Nicolas Cagemovie
InconceivablePrimetoxic, dysfunctional, psychotic woman in a SWF type plot, but even more dark than being about a woman who wants a life and a man. It has complexity about motherhood and gaslighting.Gina Gershon, Nicky Whelan, Nicolas Cage movie
AnnaPrimememory detective works with a teen to try and figure out if she's a sociopathMark Strong, Taissa Farmingamovie
The Capture of the Green River KillerPrimeBased on Chasing the Devil; two part movieTom Cavanagh, Amy Davidsonmovie
The ReefPrimegood live shark usage in a slow man vs monster filmAdrienne Pickering,
Zoe Naylor, Gyton Grantley, Damian Walshe-Howling
Sweet GirlNetflixquite brilliantly done showpiece of a family traumatized by cancer and medical bills then faced with assassins from the people in power.Jason Mamoa, Isabela Mercedmovie
Vantage PointPrimeintricate, detailed view from different Vantage points that make each story intimate while being about a global event.Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Ayelet Zurermovie
Not ForgottenPrimea white man raised in Mexico with a dark past chases down who took his daughter; but everyone is dedicated to the cult of Santa Muerta.Chloe Moretz, Simon Bakermovie
Gunpowder MilkshakeNetflixnot as good as I hoped for; visually coolKaren Gillan, Lena Headymovie
Nocturnal AnimalsNetflixnever even finished itAmy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaalmovie
The Taking of Pelham 123 (original)Primein certain ways the remake is betterWalter Mathau, Robert Shawmovie
The Eyes of Laura MarsPrimeinteresting concept but ends with big unanswered questionsFaye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jonesmovie
ExposedPrimecould have been interesting of it wasn't an awful mess apparently the result of studio interference and editing to make Keanu the starAna De Armas, Keanu Reevesmovie
ManipulatedPrimenot terrible for a noir film that brings out a long cast of C list actorsTraci Lords, Gail O'Grady, Michael Parémovie
The MachinistNetflixsurreal, sad, artfully done about man who caused a hit & run and suffered trauma and insomnia driving him insane.Christian Balemovie
The Electrical Life of Louis WainPrimeinspiring yet sad account of famous cat artist Louis Wain who was brilliant in art and creative thinking but a failure with moneyCumberbatchmovie
SolaceI think I fell asleep.Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morganmovie
Hell or High WaterHulubrothers robbing banks to buy up the lien and debt on their family ranch before the bank can capitalize on the oil under it.Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridgesmovie
Red NoticeNetflixAntiquities heist while being chased by InterpolDwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadotmovie
RegressionPrimeSatanic panic mass hysteria based on a true story from the 1990s.Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis, Emma Watsonmovie
My Favorite MurderStitcherGeorgia Hardstark, Karen Kilgarapodcast
Working it OutStitcherMike Birbigliapodcast
Bones and BobbinsStitcherNatali Heuss, Haley Pierson-Coxpodcast
Case FileStitcheranonymouspodcast
Science Vs.StitcherWendy Zukermanpodcast
The Fat Feminist WitchStitcherPaigepodcast
Creature FeatureStitcherKatie Goldinpodcast
Crime JunkieStitcherAshley Flowers and Britpodcast
Breaking BreadStitcherTom Papapodcast
True Crime and CocktailsStitcherLauren Ash and Christy Oxborrowpodcast
Ali WongNetflixwill always watchstandup
Alice FraserPrimeless a comedy act and more like a story telling hour about her mom dying and how someone said "God heals."standup
Alonzo BoddenPrimepoignant and funny; will say offensive things but no one is safestandup
Anjelah JohnsonPrimeShe's one of my favorites, but she should probably stop doing those Asian caricature accentsstandup
Arvin MitchellPrimeexcellent use of family jokes; a cringing "joke" about acting phys/mentally challengedstandup
Brian ReganNetflixenjoyed and rewatchedstandup
Camren EspositoPrimenot a lot of energy on stage but her stories are endearingstandup
Celia PaquolaPrimegood Australian comedianstandup
Chris FairbanksHuluscatterbrained and funnystandup
Claudia OshryPrimevery millennial so I didn't know most of her references but cute and funstandup
Danny BhoyPrimeScottish-Indian comedian in Montreal club.standup
Ed HillHulufilmed at beginning of covid to a tiny group; talked about being Asian and how awful his father is.standup
Elliot MorganPrimestandup
Elon GoldPrimeexcellent with accentsstandup
Glen TicklePrimehis name alone gives you twenty minutes of materialstandup
Jason WeemsPrimetalked about dying after a show and being resuscitated; parentingstandup
Jayde AdamsPrimeAll about the waves of feminism and she clearly hates the 4th wave. She dead names Caitlin Jenner and criticizes pop stars like Beyonce. She as a fat woman doesn't like when thin women are influencers on BoPo.standup
Jeff GarlinPrimehilarious story about how King Kong Bundy saved his lifeStandup
Jill-Michele MeleanPrimestandup
Joel CreasyPrimetells great stories about his mother's Zumba class and gay Trump supporters.standup
Kavin JayNetflixMalaysian comedian, very funny but transphobicstandup
Kevin HartNetflixhonestly hilarious about everything except any joke including his wives; earlier stuff was betterstandup
Kim McVicarPrimefun and energeticstandup
Loyiso GolaPrimestandup
Maria Bamford: Weakness is my brandPrimeGood to see her back doing the unique style of voices before anyone knew who Jim Gaffigan is. She's open about her mental illness since she had a public psychotic break.standup
Marina FranklinPrimeloved herstandup
Melinda HillPrimeloved her humor, hated the 1967 sparkle jumpsuit.standup
Mike E. WinfieldPrimeHis Step-Man special is so sweet even though people may find it wrong that he would take his step-son to a strip club; he talks about what a great relationship it is and where his father failed himstandup
Michael CheNetflixsays tr*nny in order to explain why not to say itstandup
Nate BargatzeNetflixLoved his average man kind personality and rewatched a lotstandup
Neal BrennenNetflixopen about mental illness and how he has depression even when the best things were happening.standup
Nicole BlainePrimestandup
Paul ChowdhryPrimestandup
Phil WangNetflixstandup
Preacher LawsonPrimestandup
Sebastian ManiscalcoNetflixwholesome Italian family jokes about new life with things like Uber and people who make you remove shoesstandup
Shawn PelofskyPrimestandup
Simon AmsellNetflixBritish, thin, and gay a standup trifectastandup
Sinbad: Where Have You BeenPrimewhile a bit old fashioned, he kept the hilarity upstandup
Steve ByrnePrimepart really good, part offensive; can't endorse sexually assault of a female audience member pulled on stage and forcibly lap danced by Bobby Lee pulling his speedo down on her.standup
Tracey MorganNetflixkind of surprised he uses certain outdated words like r*. He talked about life in a coma from accident and seeing God and life after he woke up.standup
Wyatt CenacPrimestandup
Bryan CallenPrimesuper weird, great at physical comedy, only got terribly offensive once while trying to be inclusive. His "Never Grow Up" is my favorite. standup
Dwayne PerkinsPrimehas several specials that are hit or missstandup
Kira SoltanovichPrimesometimes inappropriate depending on if you can tell that all her parent anecdotes about wanting to beat her kid are funnystandup
Monique MarvezPrimeused the R word; calls other women ugly; antiquated binary men want this, women want that routinestandup
Scott WoodhullPrimefunny, wholesome step-dad comedystandup
Tommy LittlePrimeAustralian with bittersweet anecdotes about drinking too much, stupid tattoos, and trying to run a marathonstandup
The Great NorthHuluas good as Bob's Burgers and Bless the Harts; top voice acting talentMolyneux, Minty Lewis, Bouchard, Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Will Forte, Dulce SloanTV
CommunityNetflixjust ok, nothing amazingJoel McHale, Chevy ChaseTV
Criminal MindsHulua rewatchThomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness, Shemar MooreTV
Mr. MayorHuludiverse cast; Holly Hunter is so weird in this and looks three feet tall.Ted Danson, Holly HunterTV
Gravity FallsDisneyshould have been watching this all alongAlex Hirsh, Jason Ritter, Kristen SchaalTV
Only Murders in the BuildingHulunew addictive seriesSteve Martin, Martin Short, Selena GomezTV
Midnight MassNetflixDo not skip this one!Hamish LinklaterTV
HawkeyeDisney+Cinematography is dark and hard to see sometimes; the MCs have good rapport. The plot involves the ninja style suit Clint wore in the movies. The tracksuit mafia is a stupid carryover gimmick from the comics.Jeremy Renner, Hailee SteinfeldTV
Call Me KatHulucute sitcom in front a live audience; "bubblegum" entertainment; diverse castMayim Bialik, Leslie Jordan, Cheyenne JacksonTV
Leverage: RedemptionIMDBHardison is only in a little bit and Nate is gone (thankfully) which leaves openings for two new team members and fresh camraderie.Beth Riesgraf, Noah Wylie, Christian Kane, Gina Bellman, Aleyse ShannonTV


You can follow along with my reading and recommendations on GoodReads. I’ve read more books than I expected this year. I admit two on my list are children’s picture books. They were still good reading and worth noting on my list. I have respectable amount of reviews done which is probably where my time went instead of podcasting.



2021 books read

Rather than give a ton of details here, the table above has all the books listed; plus there’s my GoodReads profile. It would be redundant to say the same things again.


I want to put this out there first: It may seem that my “top favorite comics” is filled with cis-male identities, but at least one writer is non-binary. I don’t know about anyone else’s gender ID. There were non-men involved in comics I read, but they weren’t completed stories. My top picks are longer arcs. I admit I look forward to an ending and a wrapped up story.

  • Goblin by Eric Grissom and Will Perkins
  • Chartwell Manor: A Comics Memoir by Glenn Head by Glenn Head
  • Made in Korea by Jeremy Holt (w), George Schall (a), Adam Wollett (L)
  • Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? by Harold Schechter, Eric Powell

I look forward to following Deadly Bouquet and Charlie’s Spot. Another is Blood of the Taken by Sian Mandrake comes out with each page in pencils, inks, then final stage through Patreon and eventually the finished issue is sent to backers. Vera Greentea has a proven career of writing compelling stories for comics and she manages to always find talented artists to partner with on each story. She’s great at one-shots and miniseries. I still love Emma Kubert and Rusty Glaad’s Inkblot as much as I did last year; it’s also ongoing.

2021 comic covers

Then there’s a special case like Stray Dogs. It is absolutely gorgeous and well-done with a solid story about kidnapped dogs BUT it’s too sad for me to keep going. I hoped volume two would shift once the dogs had a hopeful outcome at the end of volume one. Doesn’t seem to be happening.

Snow Angels volume one was captivating and I look forward to the next installment. The young characters go through trauma and have to make the most difficult of decision of leaving the only living space they’ve know which is in an ice trench with a small community of people.

If you have a comic shop that’s nearby or not but one you like to support, they will likely be more than happy to put together a package and ship it for you. Comic Fusion has always done a steady mail order business. Due to the constant weekly updates in comics and merchandise, running all of it through a website might not be available for your LCS. If you present them with what you need, a great shop will be able to ask you questions and narrow down choices with you.

TV Shows

One thing different about this year was that there was a new Psych movie, Psych 3: This is Gus. I loved that Selene’s character has become more than that first appearance of her when the regular series ended. And Lassie was back! It was wonderful to see him have that emotional conversation with Henry Spencer. I hope Shawn and Gus continue to indulge fans with the occasional movie.

psych 3

I had to return to some comfort watching with my usual “go-to” shows like Bob’s Burgers, Superstore and Brooklyn 99. Bob’s Burgers is still generating new episodes and sometimes they are weird as fuck. There are three episodes I usually skip: Tina’s fetal pig nightmare on Halloween, the butt worms, and Bob’s LSD-like dream of being miniaturized in his car’s pile of trash.

Shows you should give a chance if you haven’t: Leverage: Redemption, Bless the Harts, The Great North, and American Auto. And Midnight Mass is a must-watch and I’m a person who doesn’t like scary stuff. Once the animal death scenes were over (I think only in episode 1 or 2) I couldn’t stop watching. Episode 3 is where the real brilliance comes out.Midnight Mass gif

I also watched a ton of true crime shows like On the Case with Paula Zahn, American Detectives with Joe Kenda, Bloodline Detectives with Nancy Grace (she thinks that name will catch on when the job title is more like forensic genealogist). There are plenty of one-shot specials on various channels. I started to have problems with Investigation Discovery (IDGo) because they display shows that aren’t actually available there but are on Discovery+ which they want you to subscribe to. I found FilmRise Mysteries and though it’s filled with even more repetitive commercials than IDGo which I didn’t think possible, it’s at least free.

This year I also watched and rewatched a ton of standup comedy like I did in the 80’s when my grandparents had cable and a VHS machine. I taped comedians and watched them repeatedly. It’s basically the same thing now only I switch between Hulu, Netflix, and Prime.


I have watched a considerable amount of forgettable or nigh unwatchable movies this year. I also had a week of joyous fun watching monster movies like Rampage and Godzilla stuff.

louis wain movie

Thankfully, an artist I model for, Christine Myshka, told me about The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain on Prime. I’m certainly not a Benedict Cumberbatch stan, but I respect his work. Even as Doctor Strange in which I consider him miscast, he did a great job with it. He has that undeniable talent to use all of his body and voice in his performances. He brings out every raw emotion as Louis Wain.

What made this movie even more special for me to watch this year of the pandemic in 2021 (besides the importance of having cat companions) is that we went to the VanGogh Immersive Experience at the pier in New York City.

Sweet Girl gif

My second top movie pick is Sweet Girl starring Isabela Merced and Jason Momoa. This young actor, Isabela Merced, carries so much of this movie. She’s 20-years-old and already has 31 credits to her IMDB page. Sweet Girl is emotional and filled with action hero sequences. There’s a twist at the end. Momoa and Merced present like a genuinely loving family who would do anything for each other.

It’s last minute addition to my list, but Red Notice on Netflix starring The Rock, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds is damn delightful and so much fun.

Adventures & Cases

As far as our own Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency mysteries, cases, shenanigans, and adventures, we have many to choose from. Fifty-two to be exact since I post one each week. Our fiscal year does not mirror the calendar year. Take a look at the case file numbers Year 4 no. 34-190 to Year 5 no. 33-241 and let me know what your favorites have been.

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