Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Two: Case File No. 34-86

Cat Detectives

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Where we left off:

The Grumpy Old Man sought help from the experts at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency to get rid of some rodent squatters in the mobile command unit. Unfortunately, Gus did not bring anyone into custody, but his presence may have been enough to make them move on.


This case file goes back to November and to be perfectly, it’s not much of a case. It’s another report on Detective Inspector Burton Guster Nabu’s brutality. Today’s victim: Kyra Sedgewren.


The edge of the forest still had bright leaves from the Japanese maple trees. They created a lush red carpet — only this wasn’t going to be for an awards show. It was the perfect scarlet shade to hide any traces of blood without luminol. Gus was in his glory. He loved the fresh air and the chance to stakeout the new bird feeder at the border of the back forty.

Woodpecker hanging on the bird feeder.

This new bird feeder hangs from the Walden Woods maple tree. It has to be on the lowest branch so I can reach it. I’m not sure how much the squirrels get of it, but it’s probably a lot. A whole brick of seeds can disappear in two days. Sure there are a number of birds, but these are the tiny birds: nuthatches, chickadees, tufted titmouses (titmice?), small red-bellied woodpeckers, and the occasional medium sized bird like a cardinal or a larger woodpecker. Gus and I have witnessed with our own eyes, the wily squirrel who goes out on the branch and somehow sits on the feeder for snacking. Although, one day, this clever bugger opened the latch and took the seed brick out. We found half of it on the ground. 


Oliver told Gus that we should investigate which squirrel was stealing from the birds. If we could find out where it centrally hung out or nested, I could put peanuts there and keep the squirrel satisfied so it wouldn’t feel the need to pilfer from the birds. The humans in the north wing of the residence tend to the bird feeder in the front yard and they have the same problem. Over there it’s impressive because there’s no branch for the squirrels to climb out. Somehow they go from the porch railing to the long metal pole and climb that to the end to reach the bird feeder. Then they fly right down. It’s pretty wild. I think it’s a pair of them working together in the front. 

bird at feeder

At the back border though, Gus and I saw one squirrel engaging in the thievery all alone. When the birds are out, Gus loves to conduct his stakeout from the base of the tree trunk. His neck must get tired and tense from looking straight up like that for so long. He gets massages when we come in. (shocking!)

Amber and Gus

Sometimes, Gus and I are still walking through Gnome Grove and then the Fairy Garden when he sees activity way in the back. I love watching him sprint all the way there. Two things Gus loves: running and climbing. 

“Gus, we want to help the birds. That’s why we put the seeds out for them.”

“Must catch. Must question.”

“Okay, Gus, but I don’t approve of your methods. I know you’re just doing things the cat way.”

And so, when a petite sedgewren landed on the tree trunk way too low (no idea what it was thinking, Gus was sitting right there!), the cat barely had to leap. He got all paws on the tree and captured Ms. Kyra Sedgewren in his teeth. 


Unfortunately, Gus was not delicate in his method of taking Ms. Sedgewren into custody. Nope. He clamped down so hard it killed her instantly. I conducted an on-scene examination of the body and determined she did not suffer. The death blow was fast and efficient. #ohgus

This meant we had no witnesses to question about the thieving squirrel! Pour one out for Kyra Sedgewren. 

Martha Stewart: I'm going to pour one out for my homie.

Case Findings:

The agency needs to obtain more evidence into the identity of the squirrel who is stealing food from the birds at the Walden tree. 

Status for the Theft Case: Open

Status for the Murder of Kyra Sedgewren: Accidental Homicide. Closed.

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