22-JUNE-2011 WIZARD WORLD Philly Comic Con was exhausting but that’s the sign of a great show. I had the opportunity to spend time with folks I’ve only known online and it makes the expense of a con worthwhile. I heard several people grumble that there weren’t many costumers on the con floor. Well, if you’d been to our photoshoots you would have seen that on Saturday especially, there were a considerable amount of spandexclad heroes and villains.


The costume contest was Saturday so that explains the higher volume. Best story I heard from the contest was from a moment after I had left. There was a spokesmodel hired to stand by the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and someone thought it would be great to enter her into the costume contest. This is the perfect example of what makes a great booth babe versus what makes a lame booth babe. When being called to the contest stage, emcee Jarrett Crippen said, “Ororo as Storm… Ororo come on up here.” And the tall gorgeous woman said, “No, I’m Storm!” (*facepalm*)

Many thanks to the lovely Victoria “Cosplay Girl” for the coordination of the photoshoots. She and her assistant Brian Green are great people. Eric Moran and his friends pitched in to direct the shoots which can otherwise turn into typical cat-herding.

I wore three different costumes over the three days: Modesty Blaise (1960s British super spy), Ace (DC’s Royal Flush Gang), and Firestar with Ms. Lion (Marvel’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends).

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6 Comments on @WizardWorld Philly costume recap

  1. “I heard several people grumble that there weren’t many costumers on the con floor.” ??? What, were the gripers attending after 10PM when the convention center was closed? Folks in costumes were EVERYWHERE!

  2. Thanks for the get comparison pictures, I totally understand the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the outfits. But God bless anyone who does it and is totally cool with themselves enough to do it. And don’t forget about us Jedi who were out performing and teaching the whole convention too 😉
    Great article.

    • I wouldn’t say anyone has “bad” costuming because sometimes the bad is funny. The problem was that someone signed up this model for a costume contest and had her wearing an outfit of a character she knew nothing about. That’s a problem. She should not have been in that contest and I’m glad she didn’t win anything.

      • Actually, when the emcee called up the Storm in question, she was written down on the list only as “Ororo” with no mention of Storm. The folks in the audience obviously knew that Ororo and Storm and one and the the same, but when it became clear that the model portraying her had no such knowledge, the gaffe was cringe-inducingly embarrassing.

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