07-APRIL-2011 I’m finally giving a recap of what it was like to work at the WILD PIG CON in Somerset, NJ and then giving you some ideas about what’s to come at CGS SUPERSHOW.

After a night of alphabetizing comics, I got to don my new MODESTY BLAISE costume and stand next to JK Woodward while he sketched for the fans. I pretty much spent the whole day socializing with friends and great people like the folks from the 501st and none other than Walt Simonson. It was pretty epic. The new venue was perfect and provided plenty of space for the artists and other people at tables. Chris, Keiko, Dani and Ryan managed to take care of everyone while always happy and ready to help despite the long hours of set up. Apparently since we had so many volunteers this year, the set up only went until 1am rather than other times when they never even went to sleep.

I got three sketches in my little book and managed to pick up only four trades, THE OUTFIT and MADAME XANADU volume three plus the collections of IN HIS LIKENESS.


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