Morristown – Garden State Comic Fest

July 7-8, 2018

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Accessibility & Amenities:

As has been tradition for a few years now, GSCF Morristown edition was held at the Mennan Sports Arena. This year it was scaled back to one ice rink and main hallway. Other than areas where the clusters of people log jammed the aisles, I think wheelchair accessibility was okay due to the wide aisles. The only part that wouldn’t have been might have been the outside photoshoot where I recall a curb to get onto the grassy spot under a huge tree.

As far as other amenities like food, there is a small concession stand in the area, but if you’re looking for better choices, my suggestion would have been (or for the future) to drive a couple minutes over to the large ShopRite which has a varieties of food bars like sushi, subs, pizza, salads, juice/smoothies, and BBQ. Personally, we brought our own lunches so we didn’t have to make any decision about food.

Security didn’t seem to be a concern since the local PBA even had a booth in the lobby. The officers mingled a little, but mostly it seemed to be “uneventful” as far as criminal issues go, so that’s a good thing. If anything went down, I didn’t notice.


I managed to survive a weekend at the local Garden State Comic Fest. It’s kind of an ideal show for me. No long lines; wide aisles; seats everywhere to rest; plus the covered ice rink means it stays cool. I did need my cane to bear some of the weight from my back and leg, but it was better than I expected.

Lex Luther, Dave O’Hare, Mercy Graves


Saturday, I left early before the rest of the Super Villains. When I got home, I devoured two slices of vegan pizza and not-vegan macaroni salad; took a muscle relaxer and was asleep well before most people were eating dinner. #oldfartlife


Sunday was a shorter day. I got onto the waiting list for Lynne Yoshii’s sketches and she did find time to draw Poison Ivy in my sketchbook. This was my main shopping day. I picked up three prints from Angela McKendrick, dark chocolate covered pretzels (I devoured in one afternoon), the newest art book from Buzz, and a Father Evil candle. It wasn’t my first time seeing Father Evil, but this time was different, more personable. He’s honestly like the nicest guy ever. Turns out we have a mutual friend IRL too.


Saturday I dressed as Mercy Graves with Lex Luther. On Sunday, we were Louise Belcher and Teddy the handyman from Bob’s Burgers.


The Legion of Super Villains had a great response to both free photo op setups. The standard mugshot and the new action figure blister pack optical illusion. The cosplayers at this show take their craft seriously.


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