AMBER LOVE 06-FEB-2017 I appreciate all the support from the monthly tippers at

HACKED by Comic Sans & more:

I didn’t log into my dashboard all weekend, so I’m not sure when I was hacked. The post about the “Oh Joy, Sex Toy” coloring book was replaced with some kind of “fuck ISIS” message. The headline announced the hack. The post was altered. However, the url, keywords, and preview image were in tact.

hacker message

I recreated the post from Limerence Press/Oni and sent off a message to the abuse department of my hosting company. I doubt anything will come of it. I also deleted about a thousand sploggers which are fake names registered on the site. The plugin tool Wang Guard is supposed to catch them, but I haven’t found a tool yet that does a great job. Plus every time there’s an update to Word Press, shit just stops working.


Then this exact post was hacked moments later.


The hosting company is planning a proactive network maintenance on February 8, 2017 at 10:30pm PST in order to further improve network reliability. This has a planned maintenance window of four hours, and will result in server unavailability of up to 45 minutes.


A lot of people register on the site and then start trying to access the locked NSFW photo galleries. Registering only means you can leave comments on recent posts (comments sections are locked down automatically after a certain period of time). Your comment login and password have nothing to do with individual pages’ passwords. Those are passwords you would be given by me.

sexy author promo image


When registering to be a user that can make comments, it’s important that you fill in the name fields. I respect privacy so if you want to use your real first name and then something geeky as a placeholder for the last name, that’s fine. I’ll at least be able to tell it wasn’t a bot. “John Xavier” or “Jane Wayne”.

The annual hosting and domain registration came due. If you are not already a Patreon backer, your support in joining or sharing the Patreon links would be greatly appreciated.


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