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As you may recall, Karl Slominski’s original graphic novel TEETER TOPPLE was one of my favorite comics of 2016 especially because of Karl’s unique approach to illustrating his main character’s mental health deterioration. There were behind-the-scenes problems that canceled the release of the book through Diamond. Now, 215Ink has promised that TEETER TOPPLE will live — but don’t forget, you need to pre-order these kinds of indie, creator-owned books because comic shops probably won’t take the risk on them.

Statement from 215Ink:

You guys spoke up, and we listened – Teeter Topple is going to print! When this was first solicited last year, it seemed to fall through the cracks of a very busy fall, with news from NYCC and a very disturbing election cycle overshadowing what we’ve always felt was a very important book from an innovative creator. When Diamond cancelled the solicitation, there was a HUGE outcry from fans and creators alike, all looking to support Karl Slominski and his psychological slugfest of chromatic chaos.

Here’s your chance to make that support a reality. Visit or call your local comic shop to tell them you want to order Teeter Topple using this code – FEB172030

That’s the only way to guarantee your comic shop will get a copy and that you’ll be able to take a look into the mind of this bright, young creator – so pre-order your copy today and support independent artists and independent publishers. Keep print alive!

Want a brief overview of the story? – When puppeteer Mark survives a crippling tragedy, he finds himself thrown into a topsy-turvy fantasy world with no escape in sight. Haunted by nightmarish visions, his only comfort comes in the form of some new friends. But are they real, or just figments of his imagination. At any rate – you’re never alone when you’re out of your mind!

About 215 Ink: 215 Ink is an independent book publisher based in Philadelphia, PA, dedicated to showcasing some of the most original creator-owned titles from some of the best up and coming creators. Formed in 2010 with a single title, Massive Awesome, the company now publishes nearly thirty titles both in print and digitally.


Vodka O’Clock with Karl Slominski

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