This is a short story that I originally submitted as a pitch to a comic publisher for an anthology. It was simpler and didn’t have this bigger plot, but it was rejected. So when people say they want progressive stories of LGBTQ characters, the publishers might not think so. I’m not sure why my story wasn’t right for that project. It’s definitely R-Rated content which shouldn’t matter as I’ve seen other mature content in their anthologies.

So it has to be that they didn’t like the plot: a black man in New York City solves the mystery of his lover’s murder.

I’ve never done a story like this before and I’m not sure how much more polish it needs to get out of the rough. You may have heard one chapter so far when I did a reading at the 2014 Queercopia book shop party. Anyway, regardless of rejection from one publisher, I love my main character, Jordan.

These are bonuses for reaching our first Patreon milestone of $25/week(episode). Since I’m not finished with the recordings yet, I’m not sure how many chapters it’ll break up to be. I think they’re all under five minutes so far. A new one will be unlocked each week.


VOC Noir – The Introduction (posted June 1, 2015)

Chapter One (posted June 1, 2015) Time: 6:15

Chapter Two (posted June 8, 2015) Time: 4:27

Chapter Three (posted June 15, 2015) Time: 2:24

Chapter Four (posted June 22, 2015) Time: 3:30

Chapter Five (posted July 6, 2015) Time: 2:50

Chapter Six (posted July 20, 2015) Time: 19:21 Extra Long Chapter

Chapter Seven (posted July 27, 2015) Time: 5:34

Chapter Eight (posted Aug 3, 2015) Time: 6:42

Chapter Nine (posted Aug 10, 2015) Time: 4:30

Chapter Ten (posted Aug 19, 2015) Time: 7:56

Chapter Eleven (posted Aug 26, 2015) Time: 6:15

Chapter Twelve (posted Sept 7, 2015) Time: 16:14 Extra Long Chapter

Chapter Thirteen (posted Sept 14, 2015) Time: 5:33

Chapter Fourteen (posted Oct 7, 2015) Time: 3:42

Chapter Fifteen (posted Oct 7, 2015) Time: 7:07

Chapter Sixteen – The Final Chapter (posted Oct 7, 2015) Time: 3:26


Thank you for listening through all the troubled audio problems and my cold. I’m sorry there were a few weeks of gaps, but it got done. Maybe some day a professional actor can read it in a proper studio. We can hope, right?

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