February 2020 other women and I came forward to discuss the emotional abuse they suffered by the same man in the comic book industry. These stories are well-documented on personal blogs.

If you are looking for more information on trauma and abuse, consider the following reading list:

  • Bessel van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps Score”
  • Emerson & Hopkins “Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga”
  • Amy Weintraub “Yoga for Depression”
  • Kameron Hurley “The Geek Feminist Revolution
  • Felicia Day “You’re Never Weird on the Internet”

Part One – my experience with a toxic person

Part Two – Science on abuse

Part Three – trolls don’t like crying

Part Four – How to identify toxic people

Part Five – I Want an Apology

Part Six – The Catfishing Continues

Part Seven – Choose a Call to Action

Rachel’s Story

Crystal’s Story

Jin Wicked’s Story

Turanna’s Story

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