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AMBER LOVE 25-JUNE-2020. As I mentioned in the one extraordinarily long post about creeps, abusers, etc. in comics, publishing, TV, and gaming, there was a #comicspledge going around one particular day in June, 2020. The intentions are nice, but I’ve had good intentions about things and fucked up anyway. Let’s think about more meaningful ways to bring action to the toxic work environments and social settings in the industry.

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  • When you see backlash hit (trolls ganging up on someone, for example), report that crap. When you see something, say something.
  • Take a look at the lineups of panels and see if you maybe need to give up your seat and recommend someone else. Being observant and not being afraid is a HUGE part of this. Mairghread Scott was writing Batgirl and wasn’t even invited to the summit where all the Bat family titles were going to be plotted.
  • Diversify your timelines: we know social media can be a time-waster, but it can also be a wonderful device for learning about people who are not like you.
  • Can we discuss money? I sure hope so! Are you part of something where you can offer a scholarship to cover the cost of a non-cis-white-male to attend an event like a con, summit, class? Let’s say, you’ve noticed women working on a typically male-driven book — are they making the same rates as the men? We need to start talking openly about finances. Alex DiCampi is brave and wonderful about this. You should be following her on Twitter if you aren’t already. Plus, she’s been through hell in this business.
  • How much money do publishers spend on promotions of all-male teams vs a book with female creators? I see a lot of tokenism here. So-and-so was the editor/letterer/flatter and she’s a woman. For real… you know what we’re talking about. Do you know any letterers that are women with recognizable names like Nake Piekos, Taylor Esposito, or Jim Caramagna? Gail Simone might get to say she wrote all main DC characters but to my knowledge even she was never given Batman or Superman proper.
  • Does a publisher you work with have someone toxic in their catalog? Could you please stand up and have a conversation with that publisher? Threads like this are ok, but they are not getting to the people who need to hear these conversations out loud. Take out the trash.
  • Do you have an agent? Can you recommend at least two creators who aren’t like you to that agent for consideration?

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Having women in an HR role doesn’t always work; we get told, “That’s just how it is.” I’ve been in restaurants, offices, retail of all kinds including comics, and healthcare/wellness. By the time women get to a position of power, they are beaten down by the system that hurt them along the way or they come from the one-percent and aren’t affected. Sure, we’d like Cat Grant to be our go-to executive of things, but she’s not real!


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