NOV, 2010 – We had a snowy Thanksgiving here in New Jersey and the temperature has been dropping as soon as the sun goes down. Warm and tingly thoughts are easy to achieve with the new sets at Cosplay Deviants featuring one of Marvel’s favorites female characters, Pepper Potts!

Speaking of the gift giving season, did you know there’s a CosDev 2011 Calendar? There sure is and there will be a squad of models at various conventions who would be more than happy to sign your copy.

SURVIVOR is perfect to feature here at Amber Unmasked because Resident Evil crosses over from gaming to movies in a franchise with some of history's all time best female fighters. Aglaia is best known for her Cassie Hack (HACK/SLASH) and even made it into an issue but here she showcases her talents as Jill Valentine. I'm currently jealous of Aglaia since she has already gotten a Madame Xanadu shoot in the queue and it's one I had on my hit list; we can't dupe characters. Great minds and all that stuff...
COWGIRL is stunning set of model Ichigo basking in the warmth of a sunny field. It makes me really hate this time of year. This 23-year-old Floridian describes herself as crazy redhead, "the craziest," in fact is what she says. She embraces cosplay because her parents' religion had forbid Halloween costumes. Can you imagine? Make her feel better. Sign up and leave her comments about how great she is.
HARMONY shows one of CosDev's more rare duo sets. This time Jinn & Ivy break out the cello and katana. Yeah, I didn't know cellos and katanas went together either, but it works here.
UMBRA is another dazzling set by model Kitty. The sandy beach is the perfect imagery for our current cold and miserable climate up here in the northeast.
MESSY MAIDS is four girls getting naked in a kitchen with slippery food. Do I need to explain any more?
ASSISTANT, everyone's favorite personal aide to Tony Stark is portrayed by River in this seductive set. Pepper Potts has had a long day and just needs to relax with the latest issue of Forbes Magazine; she just happens to prefer to do her reading naked.

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